Late to the party… once again! But hey, better late than never – and in this case it’s so true.

At $75 AUD it’s actually taken me about two months, about 50 YouTube tutorials and some lengthy girly-conversations to convince me whether or not it would be worth purchasing this eyeshadow palette. But yesterday, in a complete flurry of Christmas shopping (evidently unsuccessful) I entered Sephora. Honestly I just feel like SUCH a stereotypical girl every single time I enter that shop. The music gets me all excited, my level of vanity skyrockets and I decide that none of my make-up is good enough – it’s both heinous and exhilarating. I also find it funny that every single surface in the entire store is reflective… go figure.

Aren’t the colours insane!? Instead of doing a full review because I’m not exactly an expert, I’ll give you a few dot-points as a personal overview and then link my favourite YouTube looks (for a variety of occasions) using the palette.


  • Seriously pigmented
  • Literally every single colour is use-able
  • Orange ‘looks’ really bring out blue eyes.’
  • The fuzzy purple packaging is so cute (but gets dirty too easily)
  • The brush is actually useable (unlike most that are included with palettes)


Jenna xx


REVIEW: 3INA – Concealer and Mascara

So my friend Caitlin and I recently took a little trip to Melbourne. Granted we probably spent more time in the bars and clubs than we did in the shopping centres. But my budget didn’t exactly warrant both so we had to make an educated choice πŸ˜‰ Anyway, one day we did go shopping because in Melbourne – how can you bloody resist!? I was having one of ‘those days’ come on girls, you know the ones. Where every single thing you try on looks crap, you’re 20kg heavier in the mirror than you are in real life – and no colours seem to suit you (even though last week you felt like a Victoria Secret model).

Top tip – when you are having one of ‘those days‘ but still need to join in on the retail therapy – MAKE-UP is the way to go. First off we went to Sephora – forgetting it was Black Friday. Everything store-wide was 15% off. Trust me when I say I have NEVER seen a longer line to a cash register as long as i’ve lived. All Caitlin wanted was a lip liner?! So we kept walking.

Sorry sorry, I’ll get to the crux of this post now. While we were strolling, somewhat disheartened through Melbourne Central, we spotted a really cool looking make-up shop.

At first I thought it was called ‘MINA’ but upon further research I realised it’s actually called 3INA – BUT is pronounced Mina…. Con-FUUUUS-ing! It’s all paraben-free (not sure what that is but it sounds bad), cruelty free, and made in Italy. Oh and the prices are so affordable.

Despite the insane array of colour gradation and beautiful shades calling my weak retail-therapy-driven mind I did manage to whittle my basket down to two items that I actually did need.

  1. The Definition Mascara ($13.95 AUD) –Β buy here
  2. The Liquid Concealer 101 ($12.95 AUD) –Β buy here
  1. This mascara is awesome! I find that you can’t often tell the difference between good mascaras – but you always know a bad one! If this mascara was $30 more expensive and disguised as a high-end product it would most certainly pass. 100% will buy again.
  2. The concealer is ALRIGHT. It blends well, has alright coverage – for the price it’s great. But i’m still on the look-out for the BEST affordable concealer. My Kat Von D one is AMAZING but it lasted all of about 2 weeks and for the price – it’s not worth it.

Anyway – haven’t done a make-up review in ages – hope it was some-what informative. Definitely head into 3INA if you ever see it – it’s a real experience (and the staff are bloody lovely!)

Jenna xx

The highlight of my trip

On my recent adventure to Singapore I bought the best highlighter on the market. Well I truly think it is. TheΒ BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter PowderΒ in Opal.Β On my OBVIOUS Sephora haul I just had to include it in my basket – and with a 10% tourist discount it would be rude not to!

Highlighter 5

At $53 (Singapore) – around $50 AUD and $38 USD – I thought… as I do so often… that its an overpriced make-up product and a drug-store brand would do the same thing. But please do not be a skeptic on this one! It’s creamy and pigmented and so beautiful and shimmery and just finishes off any look perfectly!Highlighter 4

I apply mine with a short semi-blunt ended blush-brush to the tops of my cheek bones, the top of my eye socket – just underneath the eyebrow and just above the eyebrows toward the sides of my face.

Check it outΒ online!