Aesop – Purifying Facial Cream Cleanser

Lavender Stem – White Clay – Chamomile Bud

My first Aesop product! I can definitely see the obsession. There’s something so minimal and understated about the branding that it makes it so incredibly on–trend. Kinda like those people who are so un-cool, that they’re cool? All of Aesop’s products are completely uniform; they’re a light cream/beige colour, black, and in brown glass. Aesop is also cruelty free and vegan, I mean could you ask for much more? — side note, I heard someone describing a product the other day as ‘gluten free’? Like you’re going to bloody eat your cleanser?! But whatever.

Anyway – I digress… now I actually got this cleanser as part of my 24th birthday present from my best friend, so I guess it’s pretty rude to look up the price – but hey I gotta give the readers all the information don’t I?

IMG_1484.jpgIt retails for $37 AUDΒ for 100ml (Net wt 3.6oz). Despite being much more expensive than your average ‘Nivea’ or ‘Neutrogena’ cleanser, it’s really not too badly priced considering the quality (and this is coming from a girl who endeavours to live a luxury life on minimum wage).

The cleanser is packaged in something I can only describe as a sort of ultra-sturdy toothpaste tube. Like an extra large super-glue bottle? That sort of hard-but-bendy metal you can push shapes into and when it crinkles it never quite looks the same.

It’s a very strong lavender smell, which obviously can border on ‘grandma’s toiletries bag’ but it’s so gorgeous, fresh and expensive. It doesn’t have specific instructions but I just used it like you use any other cleanser. Wet my face thenΒ  massaged it in for a minute or two, then wash off with warm water.

I have combination skin. I don’t really get pimples all-too-often. So I guess this could be better-reviewed by someone who has skin problems. But it left my skin soft, hydrated and so smooth. I felt so fresh after using it – like one of those models that don’t wear any makeup (but just didn’t quite look like one!). Overall an awesome product and will definitely be buying more Aesop products when my budget allows it! (and oh, how cool I would feel to have a little Aesop collection on the bathroom sink!)

Jenna xx

Teeth Whitening: Home Kit

So as any young slightly vain female, I have often envied the perfect pearly whites of celebrities. A small number of my friends have had their teeth professionally whitened and about the same amount use at-home teeth whitening kits and there’s one thing i’ve always noticed… the at-home-jobs look much more successful!

Yes, yes I know that its not exactly the safest option and to have a dentist oversee the process is obviously preferable. But as a poor student you can’t always do things ‘right.’ So recently I had a little Ebay surf to see what products are out there.

This is what I ended up landing on. Now I absolutely do NOT condone just buying and trusting anything you purchase from the internet. But hey, I took the risk. This product has no brand name on Ebay but I found a similar product on Amazon under the name ‘Hallicare.’ At 44% Carbamide Peroxide, its pretty potent and has numerous warnings urging consumers to not get the product on their gums.

What you get:

  • 5 x Whitening gel-filled syringes (they legitimately look like drugs see below)
  • 2 x Clear Thermoform trays (to mould into mouthguard)
  • 1 x Instruction manual
  • 1 x UV-Light to speed up the treatments

Creating the mouthguards was very easy. You simply submerge them one at a time into 80-90 degree (celcius) water for less than a minute and then slide them into your top/bottom teeth like you would a mouthguard, pressing the slightly melted rubber to your teeth to create a mould.

So far I have had some awesome results. My canine teeth have always been a little more yellow than my other teeth (who knows why) and my teeth really are beginning to all be the same bright white after just 3 treatments. I have been using a minimal amount of the whitening gel as it is so strong. In three treatments I have used less than one quarter of one syringe.

10/10 recommend! Just don’t go overboard without consulting a dentist.