Don’t try to control people around you, in the end they’ll do whatever they want to do anyway

Something To Think About

Does anyone else always seem to get around to watching things like a year after people tell you to? I just watched the 2016 documentary-style series on ABC iView called ‘You Can’t Ask That.’ and I’m SO disappointed that I hadn’t sooner (although at least now it gives me something to for binge-viewing). Each episode takes a new group of ‘misunderstood, marginalised’ groups of Australians and gives them a set of anonymously submitted questions to answer out loud, in front of a camera. The editing shows a level of grace and respect to the talent – yet every piece keeps you smiling. It’s just incredible.

I always like to tell people to live their life to the full, whilst striving to reach their full potential. But the last 29 minutes of viewing gave me a new perspective. The particular reason I began this blog post, spawned from my reactions to the ‘terminally ill’ episode. The episode follows five individuals who’d been diagnosed with terminal diseases including various cancers, dementia and a brain tumour. This episode hit me harder than the others.  I cried, a lot. I can’t put my finger on the emotion was that made me cry so much, because ‘sad’ just doesn’t fit the way I felt. When you’re told you have 2, 3, 4, or even 10 years to live – when you get that end date, that life expiry – your priorities have to change. And then I started thinking, why do I live my life like I don’t have an end date? Because I do. We all do.

I don’t know. Is this making any sense?

I feel like maybe I need to strike a happier medium. Take things a little less seriously sometimes, not stress myself out over the little things. I find I actually perform much better when I’m relaxed. When I know that things are not as serious as i’ve made them out to be in my head – I shine.

My First Homemade Buddha Bowl!

I made my first ever buddha bowl! I mean realistically, it was pretty easy. Although filming a YouTube video as you cook simultaneously always makes things 5x more complicated… but hey, I’m obsessed! I’ve had a bit of a rollercoaster diet since moving states and thought i’d have a creative and a little more ‘fun’ attempt at getting back on the health train…

This buddha bowl was inspired by a sort of satay-looking bowl I pinned on Pinterest. It’s firm tofu, broccoli, coconut rice, rocket, carrot and a peanut sauce on top. Honestly, I wasn’t exactly expecting much as it was my first time and I completely made it up from my head. But I must say it tasted incredible, and it’s vegan!

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 10.04.42 pm.png

When I make it next time I want to add black sesame seeds to the top, even more broccoli and also some chopped peanuts!

NB: If you want to make yourself

The sauce/dressing on top was made from – peanut butter, sushi vinegar, a tiny bit of soy sauce, half a clove of crushed garlic and some left over coconut milk.

The sauce I used to cook the broccoli and tofu – was soy sauce, a tsp of peanut butter, lime juice, a tsp crushed garlic, and a tsp brown sugar.



Kat Von D – Creme Concealer Review

I’ve been scraping out the bottom of my ‘Covergirl: Ready Set Gorgeous’ concealer for so long, AND i’ve been meaning to take a visit to Sephora which is literally a five minute walk from my house. So yesterday morning, I put two and two together and thought, why not buy myself a really good concealer from Sephora?! Treat yo’self, right?

I did some research online and was tossing up between the ‘Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer,‘ the ‘Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer,‘ the ‘BECCA Creme concealer‘ and of course, the ‘Kat Von D Lock-it Creme Concealer.‘ Three guesses what I bought! [see-title if you still dont know]

The Tarte concealer, despite the raving reviews, didn’t really sit right on my skin, It was a little shinier and oilier than I was hoping. The Sephora I went to didn’t have the BECCA concealer in stock but at $50+ a pop, it seemed a little excessive (seeing as i’m a daily make-up wearer). And for SOME reason, I can’t explain why, I thought the Make Up For Ever one just looked cheap and seemed overpriced – I feel a little guilty for saying that.

ANYWAY so heres the concealer I purchased…


It’s just perfect. It’s creamy, thick and matte, and blends so flawlessly into my skin. It doesn’t crease in the heat and lasts until you choose to take your make-up off!

10/10 recommend. Was $37 AUD at Sephora.




23 Things I’ve Learned at 23.

23 Things I’ve Learned In 23 Years…

  1. When you shake someone’s hand do it firmly and look them in the eye. (in a nice not scary way)
  2. When chocolate burns in the microwave there’s NO getting it off the dish – it’s all over.
  3. The length of your eyebrow hairs is just as important as how well they’re shaped.
  4. Don’t dye your hair at home. 
  5. Family is more important than your friends.
  6. When someone introduces themselves to you remember their name (for the conversation).
  7. You can’t control other people.
  8. G-strings really make any pants/jeans look so much better on you.
  9. Have the confidence to defend yourself – Don’t say sorry for things that aren’t your fault.
  10. Never change your plans for a guy. He wouldn’t change his for you.
  11. Clean out your lunchbox at the end of the day. Seriously, learned this one after years of mould-filled Sunday afternoons.
  12. Always take off your makeup before you go to bed.
  13. Just because someone desires you does not mean they value you.
  14. Asking a guy why he likes you is not cute – its annoying. he just does.
  15. Travelling makes you appreciate home much more.
  16. Make the most of the holiday season. Be christmassy, listen to carols, decorate, do DIY, its only once a year, don’t let it fly past!
  17. You don’t need to wear skin-tight clothes to be hot/attractive.
  18. One day of bad (and I mean terrible) eating won’t make you fat.
  19. If you can’t stop thinking about something – just buy it!
  20. Oatmeal is easily the best breakfast you can eat.
  21. Embrace your differences. 
  22. Encourage others in their dreams.
  23. Once you open a packet of chocolate-backed scotch-fingers, there’s no going back…

I. Am. Content.

I can’t think of a better word to describe how I’ve been feeling lately…

A state of peaceful happiness…

I’m having fun, just not in the same way as I did in Perth.

I have friends, just not the same type as I do in Perth.

I get to spend countless hours focussing on myself, my goals and my well-being.

I get to wander the streets of a new and bustling city, there’s something about being alone in crowds that I just relish.

I get to challenge myself every day (well five days per week) in my new job. I love personal challenges, and I love having to strive to improve on a daily basis. I don’t mind not being the best, but I always like to know that it’s achievable for me to be eventually.

I have the confidence to try out anything that I feel like doing… I think this particularly applies to the YouTube videos I’ve been making. I have no fear of judgement… which is something I never thought i’d be able to say. In fact, I just 100% do not care what people think. I enjoy making my videos and think that it’s a fun hobby, form of creative expression and personal growth. And hey… maybe it will help me accomplish my long-term goals?

Oh and there’s a pub at the end of my street…

Content really is the best word. 



What The Health: My Response

Okay, so I just finished watching Kip Andersen’s 2017 Documentary What The Health on Netflix.

In short the film is essentially a convoluted push into ‘veganism.’ It did however, reveal very interesting specifics on how meat, dairy and egg companies are funnelling millions of dollars of funding into US run health charities. Oh and how could I forget, it’s also filled with – you guessed it – highly disturbing shots of cow throats being slashed, fly-ridden pigs and balding half-plucked chickens – what a combo!

Despite already having knowledge of many of the facts and ideas presented, and being well-aware of the corrupt and cyclical nature of the US food industry, something about it made me actually consider the vegan diet.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a changed women with hairy arm-pits wearing a hemp sack-dress JUST yet, but I am intrigued. Anderson managed to prove the personal health benefits of eating plant-based, as well as the benefits to the environment and wider society in such a way that wasn’t overly pushy or wanky and certainly had my brain ticking over. Being the ever judicious skeptic that I am, I would never jump into a new way-of-life without further research and first-hand testing…