It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

When I was younger, Christmas was a feeling

Throughout the month of December I would feel so ‘Christmassy,’ there was an excitement that built throughout the month, peaking on my sleepless Christmas eves and 6am wake-ups. But now being 23, I find have to MAKE it feel like Christmas – or those 24 days will just fly by so fast that I blink and I’ve already have opened that pair of socks and K-mart bath-and-shower kit, and i’m in a food coma on the couch with a paper Christmas Cracker hat on my head.

This year, chasing that Christmas feeling has never been so true. It’s the first Christmas I’ll be spending away from my family – as I have to work. Yep thats right, on Christmas Day. But i’ve kinda come to terms with it now. So anyway, I’ve been trying to engage in as many Christmas activities as I can and listen to carols and eat advent chocolates (don’t really have to try with this one) and anything else that is remotely reminiscent of the festive seeeaaaason.

SO yesterday we did Christmas baking! We made [FROM SCRATCH] gingerbread people, and Christmas tree brownies! I don’t think either of us actually expected them to turn out as well as they did. But we absolutely aced it, and it was such a fun day.

Recipe for Gingerbread people

NB: We used black treacle instead of Molasses (because where the f**k do you find molasses at your local IGA). Also our icing was literally icing sugar and a tiny bit of milk.

Recipe for Christmas tree brownies

NB: This brownie recipe is next level.

Tell me what you think!!

Jenna xx

On Wednesdays we make Pancakes!


Had such a lovely day yesterday, I just got so many little things done! So let’s do a little dear diary…

I slept at my friend Emma’s house and we got up pretty early in the morning as we had planned to make pancakes. We woke up her dog and the three of us walked down to the local shops AKA the Tramsheds. There were film crews, marquees and a fair few people down there and we later realised they were filming My Kitchen Rules (after we saw Pete Evans and Colin Fassnidge). Anyway after getting slightly star struck we bought our ingredients and a coffee and went on our way.

After ticking breakfast (pictured) off the morning agenda it was time to go Halloween shopping. We came up with a great idea to be dead ‘Festival Goers’ and dress as girls who really go all out for festivals like ‘Burning Man’ and ‘Coachella’ and ‘Splendour in the Grass’. I’m excited to see how it all comes together I think we got some good stuff.

Emma then kindly dropped me at Central Station because I had an appointment booked with my mentor/agent to get some head-shots done in West Ryde. More than half-an-hour on the train, a hot day and not being home for more than 24 hours started to grate on me a little, and I managed less than half-a-smile on the entire journey. Once there though, it was a lovely afternoon. I’ll put the headshots up when I receive them.

Hours later, I finally made it home and had planned to go to Body Pump with Emma at the gym. A plan I soon regretted when I slipped into the freshly washed Sheridan sheets slathered over my double bed. But as good friends do she forced me to commit the class and it was so much fun! We later got Guzman and Gomez (my latest favourite mexican chain sorry Zambrero) and had an absolute laugh trying on potential halloween outfits.

Now I’m contemplating a gym membership… too bad my current income is enough to feed a small child!


My First Homemade Buddha Bowl!

I made my first ever buddha bowl! I mean realistically, it was pretty easy. Although filming a YouTube video as you cook simultaneously always makes things 5x more complicated… but hey, I’m obsessed! I’ve had a bit of a rollercoaster diet since moving states and thought i’d have a creative and a little more ‘fun’ attempt at getting back on the health train…

This buddha bowl was inspired by a sort of satay-looking bowl I pinned on Pinterest. It’s firm tofu, broccoli, coconut rice, rocket, carrot and a peanut sauce on top. Honestly, I wasn’t exactly expecting much as it was my first time and I completely made it up from my head. But I must say it tasted incredible, and it’s vegan!

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 10.04.42 pm.png

When I make it next time I want to add black sesame seeds to the top, even more broccoli and also some chopped peanuts!

NB: If you want to make yourself

The sauce/dressing on top was made from – peanut butter, sushi vinegar, a tiny bit of soy sauce, half a clove of crushed garlic and some left over coconut milk.

The sauce I used to cook the broccoli and tofu – was soy sauce, a tsp of peanut butter, lime juice, a tsp crushed garlic, and a tsp brown sugar.



What The Health: My Response

Okay, so I just finished watching Kip Andersen’s 2017 Documentary What The Health on Netflix.

In short the film is essentially a convoluted push into ‘veganism.’ It did however, reveal very interesting specifics on how meat, dairy and egg companies are funnelling millions of dollars of funding into US run health charities. Oh and how could I forget, it’s also filled with – you guessed it – highly disturbing shots of cow throats being slashed, fly-ridden pigs and balding half-plucked chickens – what a combo!

Despite already having knowledge of many of the facts and ideas presented, and being well-aware of the corrupt and cyclical nature of the US food industry, something about it made me actually consider the vegan diet.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a changed women with hairy arm-pits wearing a hemp sack-dress JUST yet, but I am intrigued. Anderson managed to prove the personal health benefits of eating plant-based, as well as the benefits to the environment and wider society in such a way that wasn’t overly pushy or wanky and certainly had my brain ticking over. Being the ever judicious skeptic that I am, I would never jump into a new way-of-life without further research and first-hand testing…

Cafe Review: Fiorentina

I LIED! Okay well not deliberately. But, the brunch I blogged from Halo Espresso – yes the one I called my ‘mandatory final brunch‘ turned out to be my ‘mandatory penultimate brunch.’ But it’s not all bad… it also means I got to experience, eat and review another awesome brunch-spot for you to read about!

My housemate Shaan had been telling me about his weekly brunches at Fiorentina, pretty much since we moved into our North Perth apartment six months ago. It’s not like I was never interested in going, I just never really got around to it. But boy-oh-boy do I regret that. IMG_9990Fiorentina is located on North Perth’s leafy, quaint and quirky hub, Angove Street. The well-loved patisserie is most commonly known around Perth for being one of the few makers of traditional and hand-made, Italian pastries, biscotti and torta’s. When Fiorentina first opened in 1974, it was originally based in Northbridge but in 1996 it moved to the traditional Italian suburbs of North Perth.

Fiorentina sports the perfect menu offering up all the classics (for a good ol’ hangover feed) but also puts forward some different ingredients and exotic flavours for those feeling adventurous. Now Shaan absolutely swears by this Eggs Benedict [with bacon] ordering it on a weekly basis without fail. I decided to take a fresher, [seemingly] healthier option and order the house-made granola – not a common decision for me but countless ‘leaving’ dinners and drinks left me feeling pretty unhealthy indeed. IMG_9993

Both dishes were incredible, just so delicious. Although after tasting Shaan’s I probably did have a little food envy, both were to-die-for. Being an Italian patisserie the coffees came with free biscotti; and the coffee was of course very well-made (but as i’ve said before, to me a coffee’s a coffee). Although I’m writing this post from my bed in Sydney, NSW, i’ll certainly make a trip back there when I’m visiting Perth.

Fiorentina is an absolute yes from me! Menu Online

Watch Shaan and I go to Fiorentina in my Vlog

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Location: 44 Angove Street North Perth,  WA, 6006

Cafe Review: Halo Espresso


For my mandatory final brunch in Perth, I had decided on South Perth’s much-loved and hefty-portioned Gusto Food. However, not even thinking to look up the opening hours, arrived at the corner of Coode and Angelo Streets to find it, chairs-up, blinds down and doors well and truly, closed. Luckily, just two doors down sits Halo Espresso. An equally delicious (and much more charitable) option… let me explain.


As outlined in the opening graphic, Halo Espresso call themselves a ‘social enterprise.’ With 100% of the profits going to the work of Initiate Australia, a charity that invests in locally driven education and business initiatives, it really is a feel-good dining choice. They serve breakfast and lunch and a few take-away options too. There are a number of items outlined on the Menu as part of an ‘All Day Breakfast’ selection which, from a girl who loves her breakfast food, is always a bonus!

Halo Espresso

Having walked past Halo Espresso before and experienced a little food envy staring at an almost-eaten plate of food, I was equally excited to be heading here for my last brunch. The staff were super friendly from the get-go, taking our drink orders immediately, and the food soon after. I got The Eggs Atlantis ($18) which was poached eggs, smoked salmon and spinach with hollandaise all piled on white ciabatta. It was delicious!


My friend got the ‘Mexican Spiced Scrambled Eggs’ which is avocado, tomato and onion salsa, black beans and corn chips ($18) [added chorizo for $2]. I tried some of this – it really is damn spicy! Now, despite being a ‘lover’ of coffee, I will actually drink almost anything without complaining – BUT for the self-proclaimed coffee-snobs of the world, I’d say the coffee was also spot-on!

If you get a morning off anytime soon, or it looks like you’ll be passing through the South Perth area, I’d certainly recommend choosing Halo Espresso.

…You know it’s a good meal when you really don’t want to take your final bite!

(Menu online)