Something You Feel Strongly About

People reaching their full potential.

I feel so strongly about every person finding their own path and freakin’ owning it. Every time people tell me their dreams/goals/ideas, I become so determined to make them happen. Probably both a blessing and a curse, as often I find myself embroiled in other people’s future endeavours – rather than focusing on my own.

But I do think it’s a great part of personal development to be able to help others to prosper. I remember in my fleeting, and slightly pointless 6 months of my psychology degree, we learned about ‘self actualisation.’ About reaching your full and absolute potential, and my tutor told us , that almost nobody on earth has ever properly reached self-actualisation. I thought… that sucks! Why can’t they? What’s holding everyone back?

We only get one shot here on earth – better of at least trying!


5 Ways To Win My Heart

Oh goodness, the first challenge of my 30 days and I’m already about to divulge the true key to my heart. I guess this could have been taken in more of a ‘friendship’ approach, but I definitely think the more interesting direction to take, is how prospective ‘lovers’ could win my affection.

  1. Good Food – I know what you’re thinking. Surprise f***ing surprise – just like any other food-yet-weightloss-obsessed female. Well fine, if you want to categorise me, you may. But it’s just so true! There’s just nothing better than being treated to awesome foods, flavours and dining experiences. I’m not talking fine dining, but I’m not talking local pub. I am a real sucker for new up-scale pub-style restaurants or tapas bars, just anything that’s new, exciting and has great food and a good vibe. I think it’s also important the guy involved enjoys it as much as I do.
  2. Reliability – If you say you’re going to be there at 5, be there at 5.
  3. Ambition – Ambition is sexy. It just is. You can’t expect me to be attracted to you if you’re just gliding through life with no goals, prospects or direction. I never said success, I don’t care about success (not yet anyway). All I look for in a man is ambition – and a rough plan to make things happen. I love being ambitious, I think it makes your life so much more meaningful.
  4. A Positive outlook – I hate negative energy so much. I am an emotional leach, meaning my mood changes according to the people I am around, or the energy of a room. So obviously, I really don’t want to be surrounded by someone who’s constantly complaining, nit-picking small problems in their surroundings or consistently arguing stupid and unnecessary points. I like people who can pick their battles, and try to see the good in every situation.
  5. Relaxed – Being the fairly (and admittedly) stressed out person that I am. It’s so nice to have calming people to tell me everything’s going to be ok. People that don’t get as caught up in the little things that I sometimes do, and are confident that things will work out. It’s like that ‘ying and yang‘ thing – someone to balance me out a little.

That being said, they’re just five things that really help. One of my old housemates told me, relationships are about chemistry and timing and that two people have to have both, for something to work. It’s so true.

August Goals and July Goals review!

Oh goodness, we’re a third of the way through the month already!? Where does time go? I remember my first week here seemed to drag on and on. Just seven days into the move it felt like a century, but looking back, I couldn’t bloody tell you where my last three weeks have gone. I’ve now been living in Sydney for over a month (by one day haha!) Besides the month ticking over, I do think its the right time to re-assess my goals and where I’m at. I find if I forget to stop and re-assess things sometimes I find myself becoming complacent, routined and slightly uninspired.

So if you want a more detailed look at my July goals click here.

But here’s a brief look so we can see how I’ve fared. NB: I don’t take not completing a goal as failing, I just see it as something to continue to strive for.

  1.  Find a room I can make my own space in a house I can comfortably call home – A well and truly accomplished goal.
  2. Put my best foot forward at my new job – Tick!
  3. Exercise for one hour twice a week – Look, I’m not sure if i’m trying to convince myself of this one, but I walk around 25 minutes (each way) around six times per week for work depending on my hours… half marks?
  4. Prepare healthy meals for lunch in advance to save money – Must get my meal prep on…
  5. Upload one well-planned YouTube video per week – I guess ‘well’ is the operative word but I’m gonna say – success!
  6. Take my camera everywhere and take more original photos for my blog – Mmmm… no
  7. Store all of my photos and documents using iCloud – To be 100% honest I think my new computer does this for me…

OKAY – Pretty happy with that… can’t complain really! Now to set some new things.


  1. Read the majority of my news bulletins, completely mistake-free!
  2. Write engaging, succinct and entertaining scripts for my show-reel.
  3. Upload two more well-edited ‘Vlog’ style videos to my YouTube channel.
  4. Learn how to put together bulletins and learn off-by-heart the lengths, times and schedules by which they run.
  5. Write faster at work.
  6. Ask more insightful, probing and educated interview questions at work.
  7. Write at least two longer opinion-based blog posts.
  8. Go on a one hour designated walk (where you wear exercise gear!) once per week.
  9. Feel self confident every single day.
  10. Cook your favourite + really delicious couscous salad to take to work.

Given I’ve now only got 20 days to accomplish these goals, some of them (the numerated ones) are probably set a little lower than i’d have done if I got around to this review at the start of the month. But such is life!


  1. How many Instagram followers you have
  2. Your weight
  3. Who’s going to pay at the end of a meal
  4. A couple of dirty dishes in the sink
  5. Finding a boyfriend
  6. Figuring out what you want to do with your life
  7. Low phone battery
  8. Regrowth
  9. Features on your face (nose/eyecolour)
  10. What people say about you behind your back
  11. Accidentally sleeping in
  12. Insults shouted at you from strangers
  13. What you eat immediately before bed
  14. One sleepless night
  15. Drinking too much every now and then (if you’re of age!)
  16. If he’ll text you back
  17. That you ate birthday cake even though you started a diet today
  18. Thinking someone waved at you but they actually waved at the person behind you
  19. That your housemate ate a tiny amount of your food
  20. That you’re eating tuna and it smells bad
  21. What you look like in other peoples instagrams and snapchat photos
  22. Small pimple breakouts
  23. Cellulite
  24. Drinking too much caffeine
  25. Losing your virginity
  26. Being photographed wearing the same outfit twice
  27. Things that haven’t happened yet
  28. Letting boys see you without makeup
  29. Accidentally forgetting to reply to someone
  30. Having freckles
  31. Having the TV volume on an even number
  32. A hair out of place on your head
  33. Asking stupid questions – if you think it’s valid then go for it!
  34. Eating the last cookie – WHAT ELSE IS IT THERE FOR?!
  35. Letting your plants die – sad but its not the end of the world
  36. Your final high school exams – just do your best don’t stress
  37. If boys think you’re ‘hot’ or ‘not’
  38. Forgetting to hand something in on the due date at school
  39. Having clean makeup brushes
  40. What your pee sounds like from other cubicles
  41.  Forgetting to fake tan before your go out with friends
  42. Spilling spaghetti bolognese on your shirt
  43.  Forgetting to brush your teeth before you go to bed (once in a blue moon)
  44.  Having a spotless room 24/7
  45.  When people don’t wish you happy birthday on social media
  46.  Spending a bit more than usual to treat yourself to a new dress/shirt/make-up item.
  47.  Trying to look the same in all your YouTube videos
  48.  Accidentally calling someone the wrong name
  49.  Tripping over in public
  50.  Forgetting to shave your legs when you go to do leg-showing physical exercise

Hope this inspired you guys to not sweat the small stuff! I KNOW my life is 10 x less stressful and more fun since I decided to actively stop worrying about these things.

Also please subscribe to my YouTube channel if you haven’t already – I post videos for the girl who wants to be happy, genuine, successful and not give a s**t about what people think of you!

Jenna xx

Don’t try to control people around you, in the end they’ll do whatever they want to do anyway

Something To Think About

Does anyone else always seem to get around to watching things like a year after people tell you to? I just watched the 2016 documentary-style series on ABC iView called ‘You Can’t Ask That.’ and I’m SO disappointed that I hadn’t sooner (although at least now it gives me something to for binge-viewing). Each episode takes a new group of ‘misunderstood, marginalised’ groups of Australians and gives them a set of anonymously submitted questions to answer out loud, in front of a camera. The editing shows a level of grace and respect to the talent – yet every piece keeps you smiling. It’s just incredible.

I always like to tell people to live their life to the full, whilst striving to reach their full potential. But the last 29 minutes of viewing gave me a new perspective. The particular reason I began this blog post, spawned from my reactions to the ‘terminally ill’ episode. The episode follows five individuals who’d been diagnosed with terminal diseases including various cancers, dementia and a brain tumour. This episode hit me harder than the others.  I cried, a lot. I can’t put my finger on the emotion was that made me cry so much, because ‘sad’ just doesn’t fit the way I felt. When you’re told you have 2, 3, 4, or even 10 years to live – when you get that end date, that life expiry – your priorities have to change. And then I started thinking, why do I live my life like I don’t have an end date? Because I do. We all do.

I don’t know. Is this making any sense?

I feel like maybe I need to strike a happier medium. Take things a little less seriously sometimes, not stress myself out over the little things. I find I actually perform much better when I’m relaxed. When I know that things are not as serious as i’ve made them out to be in my head – I shine.

I. Am. Content.

I can’t think of a better word to describe how I’ve been feeling lately…

A state of peaceful happiness…

I’m having fun, just not in the same way as I did in Perth.

I have friends, just not the same type as I do in Perth.

I get to spend countless hours focussing on myself, my goals and my well-being.

I get to wander the streets of a new and bustling city, there’s something about being alone in crowds that I just relish.

I get to challenge myself every day (well five days per week) in my new job. I love personal challenges, and I love having to strive to improve on a daily basis. I don’t mind not being the best, but I always like to know that it’s achievable for me to be eventually.

I have the confidence to try out anything that I feel like doing… I think this particularly applies to the YouTube videos I’ve been making. I have no fear of judgement… which is something I never thought i’d be able to say. In fact, I just 100% do not care what people think. I enjoy making my videos and think that it’s a fun hobby, form of creative expression and personal growth. And hey… maybe it will help me accomplish my long-term goals?

Oh and there’s a pub at the end of my street…

Content really is the best word.