50 Things I Did This Year…

As the year draws to a close I thought it would be nice to reflect on what i’ve done. I know everyone says it, but I really have no idea where the year has gone. I’m so happy and proud of the majority of things I have done this year, and trust me I probably could have made it to 100 (but there’s a few that I probably shouldn’t share publicly). Writing this list makes me feel so full, and satisfied that I do live every single day with a smile on my face and with the most positive attitude I can manage. With 24 days left of the year, I hope I can add to it! 

  1. Moved States from Perth to Sydney
  2. Travelled to Melbourne on holiday
  3. Travelled to Singapore on holiday
  4. Travelled to Sydney on holiday
  5. Had High Tea at the Raffles and a Singapore Sling at the bar
  6. Started my first full-time job
  7. Lived with my best work friend in an awesome apartment in North Perth
  8. Had a break-up
  9. Built an Ikea desk from scratch alone
  10. Re-kindled a friendship with my best friend
  11. Started (and shut down) a YouTube channel
  12. MC’ed a function for more than 100 people
  13. Sang karaoke at least three times
  14. Baked for an audition on the Great Australian Bake Off
  15. Followed an entire AFL and NRL season
  16. Went to multiple music and arts festivals
  17. Graduated university
  18. Got a job hosting quiz nights
  19. Made a show reel
  20. Did a presenting course
  21. Had a car crash
  22. Started regularly blogging
  23. Made a two-tiered cake and used dowels
  24. Went up a dress size
  25. Had dinner at Rockpool
  26. Went on three Tinder dates (all terrible)
  27. Went to the infamous Revolver nightclub for the first time
  28. Purchased four pairs of prescription glasses in a year
  29. Managed to get contacts into my eyes!
  30. Dressed up for Halloween
  31. Did a screen test for an ABC cadetship (alas unsuccessful but worth a shot!)
  32. Partied for the same sex marriage survey result
  33. Kissed an 18 year old – accidentally!
  34. Cut my hair short
  35. Became a newsroom editor in Sydney
  36. Worked with the Nova 93.7 breakfast team
  37. Made breakfast club for the Nova 93.7 breakfast team
  38. Moved house three times
  39. Went to the Hopman cup and saw Roger Federer play
  40. Got taken on a date to my first ever AFL game
  41. Fell out with some of my best friends
  42. Made some friends for life
  43. Started a shift at Nova at 2:45am
  44. Sneaked in to an Adele concert for all of about 5 minutes
  45. Fed a Rhinoceros… (and just learned how to spell it too!)
  46. Got sent flowers twice
  47. Went to my first sports press conferences
  48. Went to my first state Government + police press conferences
  49. Won a t-shirt at a crazy-crab racing night at a local pub.
  50. Drank wine in a fancy eastern Suburbs hotel room

Isn’t it weird to think that next year there will be so many new memories?!


Defining Home

“Home” for me has never been the traditional sense of the word.

I have lived in 15+ houses, in three cities on two continents. I can’t exactly say that the back of my bedroom door has my height measured on it, or the cement pavement outside has an imprint of my hand, or that my childhood pet is buried in the yard. But one thing’s for sure, i’ve always had a knack at adapting, at making myself feel ‘at home‘ wherever I may be. Whether that means spreading my clothes out on your floor, or laying on your couch with my shoes only just hanging off the edge like Mum’s about to tell me to ‘GET YOUR BLOODY SHOES OFF THE FURNITURE’. Anyway, I’m pretty freakin good at making myself feel welcome whether that’s a good or a bad thing – who knows. I’ve realised there’s only three things I need to feel at home in a city; my own bedroom, one very close friend, and a job. These things may not be the same for everyone – and I’m not entirely sure why it is that trio in particular for me – but it just is.

My bedroom. A space that is mine; an area where I have personally selected every item that goes in it, and made my own mess, on my own terms. I think this one has something to do with moving out of home at such a young age. My room became my home – seeing as every other space is communal (and TRUST ME in some of my first share-homes you wouldn’t want to be caught dead in any of the communal areas – yes I’m talking to you guys with the duck in the bathtub). My room is like my little sanctuary. And if I let you in it – you must be pretty cool!

A close friend. Now look, I’m well aware people have said I switch friends a bit. But I will certainly contest that. I think my ability to connect with people and create close, deep friendships is actually a gift. So what if we drift? if i move houses, areas, jobs? I do not believe that friendship needs to be obsessive, or that if you don’t talk every day, week or even month that a friendship will fade. If I take my precious time to get to genuinely know you, to share my secrets, dreams and fears with you – you have a really special place in my heart. So what I’m saying is that to feel truly at home I like to have at least one (but one is all I actually need) close close friend, that I can 100% rely on.

A job. Anyone who knows me knows that ever since my first job at Cold Rock Ice-Creamery at Perth’s Hillary’s Boat Harbour, my job has always played a major role in my friendship, schedule and sanity. A raft of my best friends have come from my job. I love to make work a place that I can feel happy, loved and successful. I’ve lived with two of my work friends and travelled the world with another two. We’ve had sleepovers, drunken nights out, and too many laughing fits to count. I find that having a job just pushes you into making friends. I’ve never really judged a person on their social standing, how many ‘cool’ people they know or what they’re into. So I find it pretty easy to bond with down to earth, ambitious and fun individuals.

So to quote a blog-post I read by alexandrakirsch

“I’m not sure that “home” is defined by a physical place on a map, so much as it is a place where you feel something between content and safe.”

Where I am right now, sitting under my doona (that the cover has come off while I was sleeping) and my pink fluffy K-mart blanket, drinking a coffee with two teddy bear biscuits and an advent calendar chocolate, in my double bed, in my house in Sydney… This feels like home.

Jenna xx

OPINION: Teens Quitting School to do YouTube

Recently I’ve seen a raft of videos floating around my YouTube home screen about young people quitting high-school to focus on their YouTube careers.

See here for the YouTube search results

The top hit as of today (2/12/2017) is Millie T. A lovely, British, spritely YouTuber with around 900, 000 subscribers. A mean feat if you ask me, I never even managed to crack the 150 point. In Millie’s video she explains how she watched a raft of travel YouTube videos – and started to feel conflicted between pressure by society to attend university and wanting to travel. She also explains that one day she got a trending video – and realised it could be a career option. She talks about consulting her Mum, about realising her passion for YouTube (not to mention the money) and about how she has make her closest friends and fondest memories through the site.

But quitting school. at 16. to ‘do YouTube’ I just can’t express how much of a bad idea I think this is – and how much I hate that more than a quarter of a million little (lets be honest YouTube lovers are generally young) eyes have set their sites on this clip – let alone the other top hits.

From listening to the way she speaks about school it sounds like she sees it solely as a pathway to a career – which sure, when I was 16 I did too. But looking back I can see the process of school, friendships, groups, schoolies, balls, university, real-world jobs just make you a more worldly person. From what i’ve picked up from the world of YouTube. They’re all friends with each other, all they talk about, think about, live and breathe is YouTube. Everything is for views, thumbnails, likes, subs… the list really does go on.

Another problem I have is – as I said before – all the little ears these words fall on. I understand the YouTuber’s premise of ‘sharing your life online’ But even as a 23 year old educated woman – I felt almost inferior to this girl. I have 7 years of life on this lovely little lady – and I certainly have a LOT more learning to do. I mean theres only so much learning making brainless content, editing videos, uploading videos and being a Z-list celebrity can encourage. You cannot ASPIRE to be a YouTuber. Aspire to be something else – and weave your channel into your passions, hobbies and beliefs.

University, year 12, and general life experience in those years allow you to explore your passions. She speaks about people ‘knowing what they want to do so good on them for going to Uni’. But that’s just completely false. Coming from a girl who changed career directions 3 times and still could change again. You can’t pick your future at 16. You just can’t – and little miss Millie T – you aren’t the only one struggling. Quitting school for YouTube doesn’t seem brave – it seems like the easy way out.

I don’t know. I may be wrong. But I truly don’t think I am. I university isn’t for everyone. But finish your bloody schooling. Oh and never-ever stop learning. In this day and age there is absolutely no excuse (see my favourite Earl Nightingale Quotes post )

Jenna xxx



Got a Chop!

What is it about new hair? Makes you just feel like a new person. I mean there’s a REASON why girls get new do’s when they break-up with their boyfriends, when they move cities or when they are feeling like serious s**t. It just gives you a whole new lease on life. And to be honest right now I kinda need one…

Hair done by:

Esstudio Galleria
5 Queen Street
Chippendale, NSW, 2008
T: 02 9698 1135




My Happy Place #001

Black Wattle Bay / The Anzac Bridge – Sydney, NSW

It may not be the Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Blue Mountains, botanical gardens, or Bondi Beach. But this area of Sydney is easily my favourite. It’s right at the end of Glebe Point Road, Glebe, 2037. Every time I go on a walk, I just cannot go past it. Every time I think about exercising, I sit at home considering whether I should try a new route (after all I live in one of the most picturesque cities on the planet). But no, I love this route. It’s open, airy, not overly populated and my god is it pretty. The Anzac bridge, the city skyline and the ripples moving through the calm water. Granted I’m certainly known to cry a lot. But no place has ever given me more happy tears than this walk on a nice day. All you need is a good pair of earphones, a great playlist of music, suncream (if you’re me) and a cute little exercise outfit and you’re absolutely set for the most rewarding exercise you’ve ever done!

From here you can walk to the Sydney Fish Market, the new and freakin’ awesome Tramsheds complex in Forest Lodge, stroll down the Glebe point road cafes and restaurants, or just bring a rug, some hummus and crackers and sit with your best bud and chat about life.

Love Jen xxx

Top 10 Ultimate Christmas Songs : of a 23 year old Christmas freak

I’m well aware of the absolute hatred many people have for Christmas songs/carols/hits/covers of classics – but I just can’t relate. So please scroll ahead if you’re one of those people! In the spirit of Christmas (only three days until I get to open my first door of my advent calendar!) I have created my favourite Christmas songs – and compiled them. It’s not any order – I just kinda added them as I went – so think of it as a mixtape!



Last Christmas – Wham!

All I Want For Christmas is You – Mariah Carey

Do They Know it’s Christmas? – Band Aid

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus – The Jackson 5

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas – Michael Bublé

Feliz Navidad – Céline Dion

Happy Xmas (War Is Over) – John Lennon

Rockin’ around the Christmas tree – Brenda Lee

Christmas Love – Justin Bieber

Mistletoe – Justin Bieber



Australia Voted to Legalise Gay Marriage!

FINALLY. Australia joined the rest of the civilised world and voted to change the law to allow same sex couples to marry.

We voted in a SORT OF plebiscite – which I can only describe as a glorified opinion poll. A plebiscite you see is supposed to be a compulsory vote – that is non-binding. But OURS was non-compulsory – AND non-binding (and sent in the freakin’ mail). However our Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has previously vowed to honour the result of the survey – and has declared he and his wife Lucy voted yes.

The survey was conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics – the same group that conduct our census every five years. Now they don’t have the greatest track record after their system crashed in 2016. But they did assure us they had learnt from their errors and would seamlessly co-ordinate the same-sex marriage postal survey.

And kudos to them… they did. 

What an incredible day for Australia, my friends, friends of friends, possible future family members, family of friends and friends of family (and everybody else). We had a 79.5% participation rate across the nation. My home state of Western Australia had a respectable majority of 63.7% which makes me happy. The state in which I currently reside (NSW) had the most dismal ‘yes’ response with 57.8% – but a majority is a majority. The rest are as follows…

abs cc.jpg

Being a journalist and following this debate right the way through I thought i’d explain what happens now.

So this ‘yes’ vote does not actually mean same-sex marriage is immediately legal. Bureaucratically speaking, Australia is no closer to same-sex marriage. 

A private members bill will be introduced to parliament tomorrow – and from there parliamentarians will be able to vote on it. You might have heard of something called the ‘Smith’ bill – well that is in fact the bill to legalise same-sex marriage. It’s called so because it was developed by Western Australian Liberal Senator Dean Smith.

However Conservative Liberal MP James Patterson has introduced a bill to protect ‘religious freedoms’ which would give those who oppose same-sex marriage to deny same-sex couples of their services in relation to weddings. It would also allow parents to pull their children out of sexual education classes which teach about same sex relationships. Among other things…

Ultimately… the war is not over yet. But if our Government manages to keep just this one promise – for once in it’s bloody life. We should have some weddings before Christmas!!

Once again – I’m over the moon!