The Bondi to Coogee Walk – Sydney, Australia

Bondi Icebergs

For a girl who has no car, barely any money, and the most bizarre work/sleep schedule around, I sure do a lot of activities! Today Cass and I caught the bus (two actually) to the eastern beaches of Sydney. The eastern suburbs have a bit of a bad rap, mainly due to the wealth and stature of the people who can actually afford to live there. It’s widely known in Sydney if you live in the eastern suburbs… you never really leave the eastern suburbs. Regardless, there’s some great eye candy (in both male, female and view-form).

Don’t be fooled the walk is not a casual stroll. There are hills, stairs, rocks and roads – at one point we even took a detour through a cemetery! But in the 26 degree heat, well equipped with a backpack of water and bandaids we had an awesome time. It took us an hour in total but we only went one way! You pass from Bondi, through Bronte beach, Clovelly, Gordons Bay and arrive in Coogee. I’m sure there are some other small bays between but I’m not completely sure of the name. If you’re looking for a shorter stroll Bronte also looked like a nice place to stop – maybe I will next time.

Once we got to Coogee we laid under a tree for a while (the post-walk lay-down is always so satisfying). In Coogee we were going to go to the Coogee Pavillion for a bite to eat but the prices weren’t exactly fitting our budget (given our recent Laneway escapades). Instead we went to a cute cafe called the Bell & Anchor for lunch. I got a prosciutto stack with two poached eggs, sourdough, feta, cherry tomatoes and rocket… it was incredible.

Jenna xxx

Laneway Festival Sydney – 2018

So here’s the story… I was walking home from work yesterday at 12 after my 3am alarm and eight hour shift when I spotted a poster advertising Laneway Festival 2018. At the top of the pink and blue gradient background written in big white writing said Odesza. Now I used to absolutely love Odesza but in recent years fell off the bandwagon a little bit. Recently I was at my friend Cass’s house for pre-drinks and she put on some of their new stuff. ANYWAY – as I see this poster I think to myself. Maybe I should go? I also realised both Cass and I didn’t start work until midday Monday AND she was finishing her shift at 6pm instead of the usual 8pm. I mean could the stars possible align more perfectly?

I messaged Cass saying ‘so Odesza is playing at Laneway today’ – next message – ‘Do we go?’ I’m not sure if I expected her to say yes or not but I thought I may as well take the punt. After a few more messages back and forth we came to an agreement that if we could score tickets for around $100 we would go to the festival as soon as she finished – and so we did.

The festival was held at Sydney College of the Arts in Lilyfield. I had never been before so it was interesting figuring out our way around the venue.

Now I would have like to have been more fake tanned and have been in a little better shape but whatever! I had so much fun! My shorts are Ksubi, boots are borrowed from my housemate (I think she said they’re from K-Mart!?), my bag is Coach and my top is Insight!

Odezsa’s set was actually out of this world, they had a group of live drummers come on stage which if you know their music fit’s perfectly. We also saw some Anderson Paak who I am obsessed with. The tickets were worth every single dollar! I love doing crazy things on a whim – I think people need to say yes more in life!

Jenna xx

24th Birthday

I wasn’t really scared to turn 24. I actually think i’d been referring to myself as 24 to people in the month leading up to my birthday. I’m not sure if that was to not feel like I was holding on to the youthful age of 23 or if it was to get used to saying I was 24. Either way, now I’m officially 24. For about a fortnight now. I always say to myself that I feel like a teenager still (or at least 21) but honestly… recently I went to a student night at The Golden Sheaf in Double Bay… and felt like a bit of a loser grandma. Regardless, I had a good time because I was in good company. But I’m definitely not ‘young‘ anymore.

The good thing is, I feel like i’m on a good path…

I said to someone the other day, why is every rushing? What are they rushing toward? Death? Success? Marriage? Because I mean… it can’t be death… and if you’re rushing to success, then what happens after that? Oh and rushing to marriage is just bizarre to me (don’t get me started).

Ever since I started treating life like it’s less of a RUSH to get into the next job, to get that promotion, to become the best at everything – I have been a much happier person. Rushing to me feels so weird, since we don’t really know what the purpose of life is (and never will) then there’s no point in rushing. Just enjoy it.


Now i’ve got that out the way – MY BIRTHDAY! It was so wonderful! In the morning my best friend came and picked me up, and we went and picked up another bud and went to a really great brunch spot in the fancy suburb of Woollahra (had to Google the spelling just then haha!). The place was called LUXE. I wish I was an Instagram queen because the venue was just so picturesque. The light pink and the tiffany blue and the white flowers – it really was SO cute. But alas, just got the ol’ generic friend pic where I try to make myself look slim and tanned.

IMG_8545I might add – this birthday I was still on my ‘no drinking in 2018’ train (which lasted  3 weeks – but who can blame me really). Also – the pancakes I got at LUXE were quite literally incredible. They were buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup, pistachios, berries, berry compote and a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. so buttery and just amazing. Definitely rivalled the homemade crumpets, honey greek yoghurt and peanut butter crumb from Gusto Food in South Perth (Western Australia).

Once we were sufficiently full, one of my friends had to head off because she was packing to go to Italy and London with her boyfriend. But me and Cass headed to Darling Harbour to go on some pedal boats! It was simultaneously cringeworthy, embarrassing and really fun.

In the afternoon I quite literally chilled at home and cooked. It wasn’t the typical ‘Jenna’ birthday. But it was lovely, and made me so happy and proud of how far i’ve come in Sydney. I’m 24 and i’ve graduated school, university, moved states, become a full-time radio journalist, have beautiful friends, incredible family and smile every. single. day.

In other news, tonight me and Cass are going out for her birthday… and I’m sure the vibe will be a whole lot different to mine!

Jenna xx

Why I completely re-vamped my blog.

Lately i’ve been lacking a bit of blog inspiration. Every time I went on my blog I found it mis-matched, rushed and confusing. It’s like all I was proud of were the words. I envied the ‘look’ of other people’s blogs and felt like I just rushed to make ‘featured images’ and general graphics just to get posts up. So after some careful consideration – and deciding whether I could be bothered – I decided to strip my blog bare and re-design. I put every last post (all 130 of them INDIVIDUALLY) on private, removed my header image, theme, background colour, I even almost changed my domain. I’ve decided to stay for NOW, however i’d like to change it to (yes the double ‘C’ because is taken.

Now my Instagram name has been @jenandtonic___ for about three years (feel free to follow). In this day and age you – as a person – are your own brand. With the amount of social media and online activity we engage with, you have to sell yourself. And hey, I get quite a few compliments on my instagram name, so I thought I’d run with it. I feel like it’s casual, but friendly and not overly wanky. Just makes you feel like we’re two mates, having a chat over a G&T – about beauty, fashion, travel, food etc.

My new blogging style is likely to be very word-focussed. I genuinely have a love and passion for writing but have felt trapped by having to make my posts aesthetically pleasing. I would like to branch out into doing more of my own pictures, and going out and getting good photos of outfits etcetera, but for now I want to take it slow.

I’ve whittled my categories down to ones I genuinely like to write about – and hope to add an ‘advice’ category soon when I get some more posts out.

So anyway – just wanted to provide a general update on why my blog looks so insanely different, and hopefully you will keep reading!

Jenna xx

The Importance of Challenging Yourself.

I’ve been feeling so existential lately. It’s every time I think of death. Every time I realise that in the blink of an eye, everything i’ve worked towards, own, achieved, stress about and love, will just vanish. It sounds morbid, but that’s because it is.

But I don’t think these things and wallow in a pit of sadness thinking ‘what’s the point in living?’. I think, ‘s**t I may as well do literally everything I want to do‘ – just in case. I don’t think this is a bad thing. I actually think it’s something people all-too-often forget to do. I see too many people being caught up in a small perils of everyday living (myself included) These days 80% of the time my head is in a good place and I can look past the little things (but i’m only human right?).

I think the best way to do everything you want to do in life is to take on little challenges. Whether they’re emotional, physical or academic, every day you should try and push yourself a tiny bit further. It’s like how my Mum used to explain running to me. “Jen, if you just run even one metre further than you did in the last run, then you’re making progress.” It may have been the broken record of my childhood, but there’s no denying it’s truth. When I journal I like to write three three things I’m grateful for, three things I need to do, and three little ‘win’s’ of the day. Even if the ‘win’ is ‘ate more vegetables than usual‘ or ‘cooked a home meal‘. It’s a chance to remember that my day was meaningful and that I lived it in line with your own set of morals and values. The win’s become even more meaningful if they are your ‘to do’s‘ from the previous day.. week.. or month. Achieving things you plan to do really are the little wins of life.

It’s your goals, your personal achievement, and your journey. Nobody else’s – so stop looking at them.

Jenna xxx

Defining: Home

“Home” for me has never been the traditional sense of the word.

I have lived in 15+ houses, in three cities on two continents. I can’t exactly say that the back of my bedroom door has my height measured on it, or the cement pavement outside has an imprint of my hand, or that my childhood pet is buried in the yard. But one thing’s for sure, i’ve always had a knack at adapting, at making myself feel ‘at home‘ wherever I may be. Whether that means spreading my clothes out on your floor, or laying on your couch with my shoes only just hanging off the edge like Mum’s about to tell me to ‘GET YOUR BLOODY SHOES OFF THE FURNITURE’. Anyway, I’m pretty freakin good at making myself feel welcome whether that’s a good or a bad thing – who knows. I’ve realised there’s only three things I need to feel at home in a city; my own bedroom, one very close friend, and a job. These things may not be the same for everyone – and I’m not entirely sure why it is that trio in particular for me – but it just is.

My bedroom. A space that is mine; an area where I have personally selected every item that goes in it, and made my own mess, on my own terms. I think this one has something to do with moving out of home at such a young age. My room became my home – seeing as every other space is communal (and TRUST ME in some of my first share-homes you wouldn’t want to be caught dead in any of the communal areas – yes I’m talking to you guys with the duck in the bathtub). My room is like my little sanctuary. And if I let you in it – you must be pretty cool!

A close friend. Now look, I’m well aware people have said I switch friends a bit. But I will certainly contest that. I think my ability to connect with people and create close, deep friendships is actually a gift. So what if we drift? if i move houses, areas, jobs? I do not believe that friendship needs to be obsessive, or that if you don’t talk every day, week or even month that a friendship will fade. If I take my precious time to get to genuinely know you, to share my secrets, dreams and fears with you – you have a really special place in my heart. So what I’m saying is that to feel truly at home I like to have at least one (but one is all I actually need) close close friend, that I can 100% rely on.

A job. Anyone who knows me knows that ever since my first job at Cold Rock Ice-Creamery at Perth’s Hillary’s Boat Harbour, my job has always played a major role in my friendship, schedule and sanity. A raft of my best friends have come from my job. I love to make work a place that I can feel happy, loved and successful. I’ve lived with two of my work friends and travelled the world with another two. We’ve had sleepovers, drunken nights out, and too many laughing fits to count. I find that having a job just pushes you into making friends. I’ve never really judged a person on their social standing, how many ‘cool’ people they know or what they’re into. So I find it pretty easy to bond with down to earth, ambitious and fun individuals.

So to quote a blog-post I read by alexandrakirsch

“I’m not sure that “home” is defined by a physical place on a map, so much as it is a place where you feel something between content and safe.”

Where I am right now, sitting under my doona (that the cover has come off while I was sleeping) and my pink fluffy K-mart blanket, drinking a coffee with two teddy bear biscuits and an advent calendar chocolate, in my double bed, in my house in Sydney… This feels like home.

Jenna xx

On Wednesdays we make Pancakes!


Had such a lovely day yesterday, I just got so many little things done! So let’s do a little dear diary…

I slept at my friend Emma’s house and we got up pretty early in the morning as we had planned to make pancakes. We woke up her dog and the three of us walked down to the local shops AKA the Tramsheds. There were film crews, marquees and a fair few people down there and we later realised they were filming My Kitchen Rules (after we saw Pete Evans and Colin Fassnidge). Anyway after getting slightly star struck we bought our ingredients and a coffee and went on our way.

After ticking breakfast (pictured) off the morning agenda it was time to go Halloween shopping. We came up with a great idea to be dead ‘Festival Goers’ and dress as girls who really go all out for festivals like ‘Burning Man’ and ‘Coachella’ and ‘Splendour in the Grass’. I’m excited to see how it all comes together I think we got some good stuff.

Emma then kindly dropped me at Central Station because I had an appointment booked with my mentor/agent to get some head-shots done in West Ryde. More than half-an-hour on the train, a hot day and not being home for more than 24 hours started to grate on me a little, and I managed less than half-a-smile on the entire journey. Once there though, it was a lovely afternoon. I’ll put the headshots up when I receive them.

Hours later, I finally made it home and had planned to go to Body Pump with Emma at the gym. A plan I soon regretted when I slipped into the freshly washed Sheridan sheets slathered over my double bed. But as good friends do she forced me to commit the class and it was so much fun! We later got Guzman and Gomez (my latest favourite mexican chain sorry Zambrero) and had an absolute laugh trying on potential halloween outfits.

Now I’m contemplating a gym membership… too bad my current income is enough to feed a small child!