Late to the party… once again! But hey, better late than never – and in this case it’s so true.

At $75 AUD it’s actually taken me about two months, about 50 YouTube tutorials and some lengthy girly-conversations to convince me whether or not it would be worth purchasing this eyeshadow palette. But yesterday, in a complete flurry of Christmas shopping (evidently unsuccessful) I entered Sephora. Honestly I just feel like SUCH a stereotypical girl every single time I enter that shop. The music gets me all excited, my level of vanity skyrockets and I decide that none of my make-up is good enough – it’s both heinous and exhilarating. I also find it funny that every single surface in the entire store is reflective… go figure.

Aren’t the colours insane!? Instead of doing a full review because I’m not exactly an expert, I’ll give you a few dot-points as a personal overview and then link my favourite YouTube looks (for a variety of occasions) using the palette.


  • Seriously pigmented
  • Literally every single colour is use-able
  • Orange ‘looks’ really bring out blue eyes.’
  • The fuzzy purple packaging is so cute (but gets dirty too easily)
  • The brush is actually useable (unlike most that are included with palettes)


Jenna xx


REVIEW: 3INA – Concealer and Mascara

So my friend Caitlin and I recently took a little trip to Melbourne. Granted we probably spent more time in the bars and clubs than we did in the shopping centres. But my budget didn’t exactly warrant both so we had to make an educated choice ūüėČ Anyway, one day we did go shopping because in Melbourne – how can you bloody resist!? I was having one of ‘those days’ come on girls, you know the ones. Where every single thing you try on looks crap, you’re 20kg heavier in the mirror than you are in real life – and no colours seem to suit you (even though last week you felt like a Victoria Secret model).

Top tip – when you are having one of ‘those days‘ but still need to join in on the retail therapy – MAKE-UP is the way to go. First off we went to Sephora – forgetting it was Black Friday. Everything store-wide was 15% off. Trust me when I say I have NEVER seen a longer line to a cash register as long as i’ve lived. All Caitlin wanted was a lip liner?! So we kept walking.

Sorry sorry, I’ll get to the crux of this post now. While we were strolling, somewhat disheartened through Melbourne Central, we spotted a really cool looking make-up shop.

At first I thought it was called ‘MINA’ but upon further research I realised it’s actually called 3INA – BUT is pronounced Mina…. Con-FUUUUS-ing! It’s all paraben-free (not sure what that is but it sounds bad), cruelty free, and made in Italy. Oh and the prices are so affordable.

Despite the insane array of colour gradation and beautiful shades calling my weak retail-therapy-driven mind I did manage to whittle my basket down to two items that I actually did need.

  1. The Definition Mascara ($13.95 AUD) –¬†buy here
  2. The Liquid Concealer 101 ($12.95 AUD) –¬†buy here
  1. This mascara is awesome! I find that you can’t often tell the difference between good mascaras – but you always know a bad one! If this mascara was $30 more expensive and disguised as a high-end product it would most certainly pass. 100% will buy again.
  2. The concealer is ALRIGHT. It blends well, has alright coverage – for the price it’s great. But i’m still on the look-out for the BEST affordable concealer. My Kat Von D one is AMAZING but it lasted all of about 2 weeks and for the price – it’s not worth it.

Anyway – haven’t done a make-up review in ages – hope it was some-what informative. Definitely head into 3INA if you ever see it – it’s a real experience (and the staff are bloody lovely!)

Jenna xx

Got a Chop!

What is it about new hair? Makes you just feel like a new person. I mean there’s a REASON why girls get new do’s when they break-up with their boyfriends, when they move cities or when they are feeling like serious s**t. It just gives you a whole new lease on life. And to be honest right now I kinda need one…

Hair done by:

Esstudio Galleria
5 Queen Street
Chippendale, NSW, 2008
T: 02 9698 1135


Kat Von D – Creme Concealer Review

I’ve been scraping out the bottom of my ‘Covergirl: Ready Set Gorgeous’ concealer for so long, AND i’ve been meaning to take a visit to Sephora which is literally a five minute walk from my house. So yesterday morning, I put two and two together and thought, why not buy myself a really good concealer from Sephora?! Treat yo’self, right?

I did some research online and was tossing up between the ‘Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer,‘ the ‘Make Up For Ever¬†Full Cover Concealer,‘¬†the ‘BECCA Creme concealer‘ and of course, the ‘Kat Von D Lock-it Creme Concealer.‘ Three guesses what I bought! [see-title if you still dont know]

The Tarte concealer, despite the raving reviews, didn’t really sit right on my skin, It was a little shinier and oilier than I was hoping. The Sephora I went to didn’t have the BECCA concealer in stock but at $50+ a pop, it seemed a little excessive (seeing as i’m a daily make-up wearer). And for SOME reason, I can’t explain why, I thought the Make Up For Ever one just¬†looked cheap and seemed overpriced – I feel a little guilty for saying that.

ANYWAY so heres the concealer I purchased…


It’s just perfect. It’s creamy, thick and matte, and blends so flawlessly into my skin. It doesn’t crease in the heat and lasts until you choose to take your make-up off!

10/10 recommend. Was $37 AUD at Sephora.




Carrie’s Beanies for Brain Cancer

I just had to share how much I adore the newest addition to my wardrobe. Only Carrie Bickmore could produce something so cute, stylish and practical while also raising ten’s of thousands of dollars for charity. Carries Beanies for Brain cancer is a charity that was started by Carrie herself, in honour of her late husband Greg Lange, who passed away in 2010 from the disease.

The $35 it costs to purchase the beanie seems pretty irrelevant given the destination of the money. There are dusty pink women’s beanies, with a little pom pom (pictured), blue and grey mens’ beanies which say ‘C B 4 B’ on them, and two children’s options too (both are fairly reminiscent of their older counterparts). I must say I actually love the pink children’s one as it has two pom poms in place of Mickey-Mouse like ears. Unfortunately I think it might’ve been a little small for my head!

I definitely recommend buying one of these beauties!

Also – I’m sure this beanie will be perfect for the freezing Sydney weather!

Teeth Whitening: Home Kit

So as any young slightly vain female, I have often envied the perfect pearly whites of celebrities. A small number of my friends have had their teeth professionally whitened and about the same amount use at-home teeth whitening kits and there’s one thing i’ve always noticed… the at-home-jobs look much more successful!

Yes, yes I know that its not exactly the safest option and to have a dentist oversee the process is obviously preferable. But as a poor student you can’t always do things ‘right.’ So recently I had a little Ebay surf to see what products are out there.

This is what I ended up landing on. Now I absolutely do NOT condone just buying and trusting anything you purchase from the internet. But hey, I took the risk. This product has no brand name on Ebay but I found a similar product on Amazon under the name ‘Hallicare.’ At 44% Carbamide Peroxide, its pretty potent and has numerous warnings urging consumers to not get the product on their gums.

What you get:

  • 5 x Whitening gel-filled syringes (they legitimately look like drugs see below)
  • 2 x Clear Thermoform trays (to mould into mouthguard)
  • 1 x Instruction manual
  • 1 x UV-Light to speed up the treatments

Creating the mouthguards was very easy. You simply submerge them one at a time into 80-90 degree (celcius) water for less than a minute and then slide them into your top/bottom teeth like you would a mouthguard, pressing the slightly melted rubber to your teeth to create a mould.

So far I have had some awesome results. My canine teeth have always been a little more yellow than my other teeth (who knows why) and my teeth really are beginning to all be the same bright white after just 3 treatments. I have been using a minimal amount of the whitening gel as it is so strong. In three treatments I have used less than one quarter of one syringe.

10/10 recommend! Just don’t go overboard without consulting a dentist.





A Lush-ious Lip Service

Here I am again… ¬†with another product I absolutely swear by!

web_lip_serviceChanging temperatures¬†as the seasons tick over really confuse my lips. In the summertime when I’m constantly going from boiling heat to freezing air-conditioners they do not adapt well. That horrible feeling where every time you lick them even by accident they just enter this overdrive where they become as parched as the Sahara Desert’s even drier sibling. To be honest,¬†¬†keeping my lips soft and smooth has always been a bit of a problem for me. I don’t wear lipsticks as they generally start to crack and many lip-balms just seem to further dry out my lips in the long-term. But… Lush’s Lip Service changed all of this for the better.

Lush’s Lip Service is the only lip balm i’ve ever had that truly heals my lips. It moisturises, softens and has a natural citrusy scent. It contains a blend of mandarin and tangerine oil, and with the addition of shea and cocoa butter has a beautiful creamy smooth texture. Its quite a thick lip balm so it lasts for a long period of time and you don’t feel like you go through the whole thing in a day (definitely been a culprit of this). At $13 its a little more pricey than your regular $3 drug-store balms, but with all natural and fair-trade ingredients (GO LUSH!), it definitely feels worth it!¬†Another lush-ious product for the collection!

NB: I keep mine in the cup-holder in my car and like to put it on at the traffic lights or just before I head to work/dinner/to see friends.

Check it out on their website!