New Camera – YouTube Channel!

So on the premise of moving interstate in less than a month, I over-indulged (as usual) and bought myself a Nikon A900 camera for $579. It would be rude not to really, after my friend Hannah sheepishly asked the shop assistant for a deal and they threw in a 64GB memory card for $3! It’s an all black point-and-shoot from JB-HI-FI in Osborne Park, has a flip-up ‘selfie’ screen and can shoot in 4-K. Safe to say it’s much too fancy for a novice, but I have fallen deeply in love with it! Despite seemingly being an impulse buy, I really have been thinking about it for almost a year. Besides, the level of post-purchase euphoria I had only re-enforced that I’d made the right decision!


The primary reason for my extortionate purchase is my long-held desire to start a YouTube channel. I love the connection YouTubers are able to make with such large audiences through their personality, opinions, editing skills and style. I also thought the timing was perfect as my imminent move to Sydney is a great reason to start a channel. I think my parents, family and friends would love to see and hear what I’ve been getting up to and the general day-to-day thoughts, activities and ‘goings-on’ in my life. There are so many new experiences that lay ahead of me, as well as an abundance of spare-time after graduating university (go me!).

As mentioned in my About Me, I really am just an over-sharer. I love to share my thoughts, experiences and advice with others in a fun and non-judgemental way, and think ‘vlogging’ is such a creative and personal way to do it! I think like many other people who have decided to start a channel, there are always reservations. Those niggling feelings of judgement or scrutiny that come with unforgivingly opening yourself up to the opinions of people worldwide. That’s the cool thing about getting older though, you just don’t care as much!

I definitely have a lot to learn about YouTube but I really just love shooting, editing and thinking up fun ideas about what to film and different things I can talk about! Subscribe to my channel if you’re on YouTube!

My First Video!

My Second Video!

What’s a blog if you don’t know the author?

My name’s Jenna. Want to know more?


I’m a big sharer, you know what I’m an over-sharer. I always have been. I’ve lived my life getting those ‘oh my god what did she just say?’ looks from people and darting eyes that say nothing else except ‘W-T-F?’ But it’s done me alright so far so I decided to over-share more than an over-sharer possibly can and publicly blog away my thoughts, purchases, adventures and decisions and hey? maybe it will help sort some things out?

I love to chat, love to share my stories, get advice from others, give advice to others and just generally creating bonds with the people I meet. I suppose it’s a comfortability thing? Like shoes? I’ve got to be able to break people in a little bit before I can enjoy their company.

I’m a 23 year old Aussie living in Western Australia. I am a journalism student and a part-time quiz-host and I also do stacks of promotional work for a national radio station. This site is a collection of my thoughts, clothing decisions, dining destinations, travels, and pretty much anything else I may learn or do along the way. It’s just me, laid out, completely bare (but of course… clothed!)