Laneway Festival Sydney – 2018

So here’s the story… I was walking home from work yesterday at 12 after my 3am alarm and eight hour shift when I spotted a poster advertising Laneway Festival 2018. At the top of the pink and blue gradient background written in big white writing said Odesza. Now I used to absolutely love Odesza but in recent years fell off the bandwagon a little bit. Recently I was at my friend Cass’s house for pre-drinks and she put on some of their new stuff. ANYWAY – as I see this poster I think to myself. Maybe I should go? I also realised both Cass and I didn’t start work until midday Monday AND she was finishing her shift at 6pm instead of the usual 8pm. I mean could the stars possible align more perfectly?

I messaged Cass saying ‘so Odesza is playing at Laneway today’ – next message – ‘Do we go?’ I’m not sure if I expected her to say yes or not but I thought I may as well take the punt. After a few more messages back and forth we came to an agreement that if we could score tickets for around $100 we would go to the festival as soon as she finished – and so we did.

The festival was held at Sydney College of the Arts in Lilyfield. I had never been before so it was interesting figuring out our way around the venue.

Now I would have like to have been more fake tanned and have been in a little better shape but whatever! I had so much fun! My shorts are Ksubi, boots are borrowed from my housemate (I think she said they’re from K-Mart!?), my bag is Coach and my top is Insight!

Odezsa’s set was actually out of this world, they had a group of live drummers come on stage which if you know their music fit’s perfectly. We also saw some Anderson Paak who I am obsessed with. The tickets were worth every single dollar! I love doing crazy things on a whim – I think people need to say yes more in life!

Jenna xx

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