Why I completely re-vamped my blog.

Lately i’ve been lacking a bit of blog inspiration. Every time I went on my blog I found it mis-matched, rushed and confusing. It’s like all I was proud of were the words. I envied the ‘look’ of other people’s blogs and felt like I just rushed to make ‘featured images’ and general graphics just to get posts up. So after some careful consideration – and deciding whether I could be bothered – I decided to strip my blog bare and re-design. I put every last post (all 130 of them INDIVIDUALLY) on private, removed my header image, theme, background colour, I even almost changed my domain. I’ve decided to stay jennarosethomas.com for NOW, however i’d like to change it to jenandtonicc.com (yes the double ‘C’ because jenandtonic.com is taken.

Now my Instagram name has been @jenandtonic___ for about three years (feel free to follow). In this day and age you – as a person – are your own brand. With the amount of social media and online activity we engage with, you have to sell yourself. And hey, I get quite a few compliments on my instagram name, so I thought I’d run with it. I feel like it’s casual, but friendly and not overly wanky. Just makes you feel like we’re two mates, having a chat over a G&T – about beauty, fashion, travel, food etc.

My new blogging style is likely to be very word-focussed. I genuinely have a love and passion for writing but have felt trapped by having to make my posts aesthetically pleasing. I would like to branch out into doing more of my own pictures, and going out and getting good photos of outfits etcetera, but for now I want to take it slow.

I’ve whittled my categories down to ones I genuinely like to write about – and hope to add an ‘advice’ category soon when I get some more posts out.

So anyway – just wanted to provide a general update on why my blog looks so insanely different, and hopefully you will keep reading!

Jenna xx

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