24th Birthday

I wasn’t really scared to turn 24. I actually think i’d been referring to myself as 24 to people in the month leading up to my birthday. I’m not sure if that was to not feel like I was holding on to the youthful age of 23 or if it was to get used to saying I was 24. Either way, now I’m officially 24. For about a fortnight now. I always say to myself that I feel like a teenager still (or at least 21) but honestly… recently I went to a student night at The Golden Sheaf in Double Bay… and felt like a bit of a loser grandma. Regardless, I had a good time because I was in good company. But I’m definitely not ‘young‘ anymore.

The good thing is, I feel like i’m on a good path…

I said to someone the other day, why is every rushing? What are they rushing toward? Death? Success? Marriage? Because I mean… it can’t be death… and if you’re rushing to success, then what happens after that? Oh and rushing to marriage is just bizarre to me (don’t get me started).

Ever since I started treating life like it’s less of a RUSH to get into the next job, to get that promotion, to become the best at everything – I have been a much happier person. Rushing to me feels so weird, since we don’t really know what the purpose of life is (and never will) then there’s no point in rushing. Just enjoy it.


Now i’ve got that out the way – MY BIRTHDAY! It was so wonderful! In the morning my best friend came and picked me up, and we went and picked up another bud and went to a really great brunch spot in the fancy suburb of Woollahra (had to Google the spelling just then haha!). The place was called LUXE. I wish I was an Instagram queen because the venue was just so picturesque. The light pink and the tiffany blue and the white flowers – it really was SO cute. But alas, just got the ol’ generic friend pic where I try to make myself look slim and tanned.

IMG_8545I might add – this birthday I was still on my ‘no drinking in 2018’ train (which lastedΒ  3 weeks – but who can blame me really). Also – the pancakes I got at LUXE were quite literally incredible. They were buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup, pistachios, berries, berry compote and a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. so buttery and just amazing. Definitely rivalled the homemade crumpets, honey greek yoghurt and peanut butter crumb from Gusto Food in South Perth (Western Australia).

Once we were sufficiently full, one of my friends had to head off because she was packing to go to Italy and London with her boyfriend. But me and Cass headed to Darling Harbour to go on some pedal boats! It was simultaneously cringeworthy, embarrassing and really fun.

In the afternoon I quite literally chilled at home and cooked. It wasn’t the typical ‘Jenna’ birthday. But it was lovely, and made me so happy and proud of how far i’ve come in Sydney. I’m 24 and i’ve graduated school, university, moved states, become a full-time radio journalist, have beautiful friends, incredible family and smile every. single. day.

In other news, tonight me and Cass are going out for her birthday… and I’m sure the vibe will be a whole lot different to mine!

Jenna xx

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