My Eight – New Years Resolutions

IMG_00831. No Alcohol – This is probably the biggest of all the resolutions – but has a knock-on effect into almost every other yearly goal mentioned in this post (except maybe Japan because drinking Sake would be fun but hey can’t win ’em all). So believe it or not, I have decided to spend 2018 – sober. That’s right no wine, cider, vodka, rum, ginger beer, mojitos, espresso martinis or even my beloved gin and tonic. Anyone who knows me, knows that this is a seriously big decision I’m making – even my Dad told me it’s a boring idea haha! But I’m content with it, and I’m planning on making a video to explain my reasons why. Oh, also i’m starting on January 2nd because I’ve already bought $160 Field Day tickets.

2. Health/Mind/Body – For the last few years of my life I’ve been obsessed with trying to eat healthy when I can, (previously too obsessed) But in 2017 I’ve learned a great deal about having a healthy mind. Moving states has given me more ‘me’ time than I managed in my 23 years back in Western Australia (some would say too much haha!). I pretty much want to continue my journalling and just general positive attitude.


3. Three Seconds a Day – I want to make a video of my year – with three seconds recorded from every single day. Regardless of what i’m doing, even if it’s a super lazy day in bed. I want to make it for nobody but myself – but i’ll probably upload it to YouTube haha! I’ve calculated and it’s going to be about 18 minutes which is crazy and probably unwatchable for most humans.

4. Visit Japan – I have wanted to visit Japan for about three years now. With my Dad living in the USA and being a casual worker I’ve instead prioritised big trips to Europe and the USA. Now I have a full-time job – a 10 day trip to Japan would suit me perfectly! I’m not sure who I would go with but I know it would be the most awesome adventure! (worst case… or possibly best case… i’ll head alone)

5. Read – This is the only resolution I think is super lame and a cop-out because I feel like i’m a broken record repeating it every. single. year. BUT HEY, I Did manage to read about four books this year – granted that’s not enough but it’s a start. I’ve realised I really like sociology books. About how people work, and about how our minds and emotions are connected with our behaviour’s.

6. Learn a New Skill – I’ve been tossing up two skills. One is to become really really good at doing make-up, maybe could even do free-lance work if I get good enough? Second is rock-climbing/bouldering (indoors because I am pale and scared). I’ve always wanted to have a hobby that keeps me active.

7. Go to the Art Gallery- Self-explanatory. I like art. I have the worlds longest attention span (except in movies). It’s free.


8. Watch more Live Music and/or Attend Open-Mic Nights – I watched a video the other day and it prompted me to consider one of the last times I was feeling pure happiness. And as weird as it seems, it was when I was with my friend Lenno, at a seriously gross pub down the road from my house watching an open mic night eating a burger (I don’t think the happiness can be pinned on the burger though cos it wasn’t that good).

Jenna xx

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Jenna Rose

A 23 year old Aussie girl who loves to talk, write, learn and share pretty much anything and everything.

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