50 Things I Did This Year…

As the year draws to a close I thought it would be nice to reflect on what i’ve done. I know everyone says it, but I really have no idea where the year has gone. I’m so happy and proud of the majority of things I have done this year, and trust me I probably could have made it to 100 (but there’s a few that I probably shouldn’t share publicly). Writing this list makes me feel so full, and satisfied that I do live every single day with a smile on my face and with the most positive attitude I can manage. With 24 days left of the year, I hope I can add to it! 

  1. Moved States from Perth to Sydney
  2. Travelled to Melbourne on holiday
  3. Travelled to Singapore on holiday
  4. Travelled to Sydney on holiday
  5. Had High Tea at the Raffles and a Singapore Sling at the bar
  6. Started my first full-time job
  7. Lived with my best work friend in an awesome apartment in North Perth
  8. Had a break-up
  9. Built an Ikea desk from scratch alone
  10. Re-kindled a friendship with my best friend
  11. Started (and shut down) a YouTube channel
  12. MC’ed a function for more than 100 people
  13. Sang karaoke at least three times
  14. Baked for an audition on the Great Australian Bake Off
  15. Followed an entire AFL and NRL season
  16. Went to multiple music and arts festivals
  17. Graduated university
  18. Got a job hosting quiz nights
  19. Made a show reel
  20. Did a presenting course
  21. Had a car crash
  22. Started regularly blogging
  23. Made a two-tiered cake and used dowels
  24. Went up a dress size
  25. Had dinner at Rockpool
  26. Went on three Tinder dates (all terrible)
  27. Went to the infamous Revolver nightclub for the first time
  28. Purchased four pairs of prescription glasses in a year
  29. Managed to get contacts into my eyes!
  30. Dressed up for Halloween
  31. Did a screen test for an ABC cadetship (alas unsuccessful but worth a shot!)
  32. Partied for the same sex marriage survey result
  33. Kissed an 18 year old – accidentally!
  34. Cut my hair short
  35. Became a newsroom editor in Sydney
  36. Worked with the Nova 93.7 breakfast team
  37. Made breakfast club for the Nova 93.7 breakfast team
  38. Moved house three times
  39. Went to the Hopman cup and saw Roger Federer play
  40. Got taken on a date to my first ever AFL game
  41. Fell out with some of my best friends
  42. Made some friends for life
  43. Started a shift at Nova at 2:45am
  44. Sneaked in to an Adele concert for all of about 5 minutes
  45. Fed a Rhinoceros… (and just learned how to spell it too!)
  46. Got sent flowers twice
  47. Went to my first sports press conferences
  48. Went to my first state Government + police press conferences
  49. Won a t-shirt at a crazy-crab racing night at a local pub.
  50. Drank wine in a fancy eastern Suburbs hotel room

Isn’t it weird to think that next year there will be so many new memories?!


Published by

Jenna Rose

A 23 year old Aussie girl who loves to talk, write, learn and share pretty much anything and everything.

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