On Wednesdays we make Pancakes!


Had such a lovely day yesterday, I just got so many little things done! So let’s do a little dear diary…

I slept at my friend Emma’s house and we got up pretty early in the morning as we had planned to make pancakes. We woke up her dog and the three of us walked down to the local shops AKA the Tramsheds. There were film crews, marquees and a fair few people down there and we later realised they were filming My Kitchen Rules (after we saw Pete Evans and Colin Fassnidge). Anyway after getting slightly star struck we bought our ingredients and a coffee and went on our way.

After ticking breakfast (pictured) off the morning agenda it was time to go Halloween shopping. We came up with a great idea to be dead ‘Festival Goers’ and dress as girls who really go all out for festivals like ‘Burning Man’ and ‘Coachella’ and ‘Splendour in the Grass’. I’m excited to see how it all comes together I think we got some good stuff.

Emma then kindly dropped me at Central Station because I had an appointment booked with my mentor/agent to get some head-shots done in West Ryde. More than half-an-hour on the train, a hot day and not being home for more than 24 hours started to grate on me a little, and I managed less than half-a-smile on the entire journey. Once there though, it was a lovely afternoon. I’ll put the headshots up when I receive them.

Hours later, I finally made it home and had planned to go to Body Pump with Emma at the gym. A plan I soon regretted when I slipped into the freshly washed Sheridan sheets slathered over my double bed. But as good friends do she forced me to commit the class and it was so much fun! We later got Guzman and Gomez (my latest favourite mexican chain sorry Zambrero) and had an absolute laugh trying on potential halloween outfits.

Now I’m contemplating a gym membership… too bad my current income is enough to feed a small child!


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