Sex and the Sydney.

So it’s 100% over with my on-and-off boyfriend of three years. And I mean I guess that means I’m back ‘dating.’ Why is it that people should feel like they’re either ‘in a relationship’ or ‘dating’? Why can’t you just be ‘chilling’. Well I mean… I guess you technically CAN, but nobody says it really do they?

So anyway, I went on a date last week – my third Tinder date in history. After a night of dumplings, ice-cream and maybe-too-much-wine, he asked me ‘so what are you on Tinder for?’ Now the OLD me would have said ‘I don’t really know’ …but actually meant ‘to meet the love of my life’. 

But Jenna circa October 4th 2017 said ‘I don’t really know’ – and 100% meant it.

I have no idea really, I don’t want a boyfriend, nor do I want to sleep with some random from an online dating app the first night I meet him. I think all I wanted was a few laughs, a bit of male attention, and to wear my ever-successful red sundress. Safe to say I got all three!

…oh and I’m not ‘in a relationship’ or ‘dating’ I am most definitely … ‘chilling’

For now.



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Jenna Rose

A 23 year old Aussie girl who loves to talk, write, learn and share pretty much anything and everything.

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