My Inaudible and Somewhat Invisible Graduation.

Apart from my Mum (who received my certificate), My Dad (who forked out tens of thousands of dollars for my education – assisted by Mum), and a couple of close friends that the topic came up with – I really haven’t publicised my university graduation. In fact, I’m not even in Perth to attend it, I’ve moved to quite literally the other side of the country and in all honesty, couldn’t be happier.

After five-and-a-half years at university, part of a psychology degree and a year of primary teaching – I graduated with a BA Journalism.Β It’s not like I was chained to a desk my entire degree, sleeping at the library or drinking red bull upon red bull drink. But I overcame a number of personal adversities throughout my degree, and that makes me pretty proud that I made it through to the end.

I may not have a photo in a black robe, holding a scroll that can hang on my parent’s wall forever… But what I do have is a job in a big city, full of opportunity, some incredible life experiences and the intrinsic drive to make sure my degree (and hefty student debt) plays a role in my future.

I’m also the first person in my family – and extended family – to ever receive a degree.Β So despite having one of the most under-the-radar graduations – It’s still pretty f****g cool.


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