Monthly Goals List and September Review

It’s time for a monthly goals post – but first…


  1. Read more bulletins mistake free (I’m completely aware it really is nearly impossible not to make mistakes – but I do feel like sometimes I make silly ones. – yes, certainly not mistake free, but silly ones are slowly depleting.
  2. Pre-film three YouTube videos to get ahead. – I’ve put my channel on private for a while as full-time word takes it’s toll a little.
  3. Go on hour-long walks twice a week – the weather is really starting to warm up here now so hopefully this will be increasingly easier – yes!
  4. Learn how to run a shift as news editor – putting together bulletins, e-mail system, timings for finance changes – yes!
  5. Write at least four blog posts (not including this) before the end of the month – 25% success (so a fail)
  6. Get bed sheets and pillow cases dry-cleaned and pressed – gotta look after the Sheridan – Washed, probably already due for another
  7. Tidy and organise my fridge and pantry – Not really
  8. Sweep and organise the backyard – I did this, it was so amazing and therapeutic, and then all the wind blew all of the leaves back onto the paving which really annoyed me! But all in all, I did actually complete the goal. 


  1. Wash bedsheets – may or may not have crashed into bed wearing makeup after a night out and there’s a serious crime scene on my pillow.
  2. Write at least 3 decent blog posts – as it seems last month’s goal of 4 was too steep.
  3. Do two bedroom YouTube Yoga sessions per week (now that your work colleague has given you her old yoga mat)
  4. Become confident at WEEKDAY afternoon editing and WEEKEND morning editing.
  5. Eat two or more serves of vegetables every single day – my health has really been slipping, lets just say there’s been a lot of Weet-Bix, porridge and sushi.
  6. Focus on more succinct, snappy writing with no word repeating – and properly sub all bulletins.
  7. Get back showreel and look at available casual presenting roles.
  8. Buy a whiteboard for bedroom for goals and to-do-lists.
  9. Buy a piece of artwork from the Newtown store you like to hang in your bedroom.

Once again, work is a main focus and priority, but with my journalism skills really coming along I think it’s best to keep the ball rolling. I feel stronger all the time at work and it will be good when I can conquer most shifts alone.

Another life update is that I finished shooting my showreel.  I should get it back in less than one month. I’m not quite sure what happens from there but I do know I was never going to get any jobs I wanted without one.

Jenna x

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Jenna Rose

A 23 year old Aussie girl who loves to talk, write, learn and share pretty much anything and everything.

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