That was fun while it lasted…

So let’s be honest, it looks like I failed the 30 day challenge. But I’m back from the blogging dead to haunt your computer/smartphone screen. I truly think I got to the post where I supposedly had to reveal ‘my opinion toward mainstream music’ and it just lost me. I mean I don’t even have one – if it sounds good, I can dance to it, and have a little sing along i’m fine with it! I worked at one of Perth’s number one commercial and mainstream radio stations for more than a year for christ sake. Anyway… i’ll get back into my regular diary-style, personal growth blogging I think.

It’s time for a monthly goals post – but first…

August Review.

  1. Read the majority of my news bulletins, completely mistake-free! I’m not doing this yet, but my voice has really improved and my confidence on-air has too so i’m really proud of my progress.
  2. Write engaging, succinct and entertaining scripts for my show-reel. Done and dusted! Can’t wait to get it back!
  3. Upload two more well-edited ‘Vlog’ style videos to my YouTube channel. Hmm, only did one
  4. Learn how to put together bulletins and learn off-by-heart the lengths, times and schedules by which they run. I’m going to say no, I do know the times and lengths but I haven’t been properly shown by Di yet. 
  5. Write faster at work. YEP! Getting faster every day, my copy is very fast, my cuts may need a little speeding up every now and then. 
  6. Ask more insightful, probing and educated interview questions at work. Every now and then.
  7. Write at least two longer opinion-based blog posts. Well yeh! I did five ’30 day challenge’ posts!
  8. Go on a one hour designated walk (where you wear exercise gear!) once per week. Oh god… Come on Jenna
  9. Feel self confident every single day. Yes
  10. Cook your favourite + really delicious couscous salad to take to work. This one totally isn’t my fault, our oven is broken so I can’t roast any vegetables!

September Goals

  1. Read more bulletins mistake free (I’m completely aware it really is nearly impossible not to make mistakes – but I do feel like sometimes I make silly ones.
  2. Pre-film three YouTube videos to get ahead.
  3. Go on hour-long walks twice a week – the weather is really starting to warm up here now so hopefully this will be increasingly easier.
  4. Learn how to run a shift as news editor – putting together bulletins, e-mail system, timings for finance changes.
  5. Write at least four blog posts (not including this) before the end of the month.
  6. Get bed sheets and pillow cases dry-cleaned and pressed – gotta look after the Sheridan.
  7. Tidy and organise my fridge and pantry.
  8. Sweep and organise the backyard

There’s not many goals there… I really just couldn’t think of many, I don’t know if that is good or bad? But I will certainly do my very best to get them completed in the next 21 days! As usual… let you know how I go!


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Jenna Rose

A 23 year old Aussie girl who loves to talk, write, learn and share pretty much anything and everything.

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