August Goals and July Goals review!

Oh goodness, we’re a third of the way through the month already!? Where does time go? I remember my first week here seemed to drag on and on. Just seven days into the move it felt like a century, but looking back, I couldn’t bloody tell you where my last three weeks have gone. I’ve now been living in Sydney for over a month (by one day haha!) Besides the month ticking over, I do think its the right time to re-assess my goals and where I’m at. I find if I forget to stop and re-assess things sometimes I find myself becoming complacent, routined and slightly uninspired.

So if you want a more detailed look at my July goals click here.

But here’s a brief look so we can see how I’ve fared. NB: I don’t take not completing a goal as failing, I just see it as something to continue to strive for.

  1.  Find a room I can make my own space in a house I can comfortably call home – A well and truly accomplished goal.
  2. Put my best foot forward at my new job – Tick!
  3. Exercise for one hour twice a week – Look, I’m not sure if i’m trying to convince myself of this one, but I walk around 25 minutes (each way) around six times per week for work depending on my hours… half marks?
  4. Prepare healthy meals for lunch in advance to save money – Must get my meal prep on…
  5. Upload one well-planned YouTube video per week – I guess ‘well’ is the operative word but I’m gonna say – success!
  6. Take my camera everywhere and take more original photos for my blog – Mmmm… no
  7. Store all of my photos and documents using iCloud – To be 100% honest I think my new computer does this for me…

OKAY – Pretty happy with that… can’t complain really! Now to set some new things.


  1. Read the majority of my news bulletins, completely mistake-free!
  2. Write engaging, succinct and entertaining scripts for my show-reel.
  3. Upload two more well-edited ‘Vlog’ style videos to my YouTube channel.
  4. Learn how to put together bulletins and learn off-by-heart the lengths, times and schedules by which they run.
  5. Write faster at work.
  6. Ask more insightful, probing and educated interview questions at work.
  7. Write at least two longer opinion-based blog posts.
  8. Go on a one hour designated walk (where you wear exercise gear!) once per week.
  9. Feel self confident every single day.
  10. Cook your favourite + really delicious couscous salad to take to work.

Given I’ve now only got 20 days to accomplish these goals, some of them (the numerated ones) are probably set a little lower than i’d have done if I got around to this review at the start of the month. But such is life!

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Jenna Rose

A 23 year old Aussie girl who loves to talk, write, learn and share pretty much anything and everything.

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