1. How many Instagram followers you have
  2. Your weight
  3. Who’s going to pay at the end of a meal
  4. A couple of dirty dishes in the sink
  5. Finding a boyfriend
  6. Figuring out what you want to do with your life
  7. Low phone battery
  8. Regrowth
  9. Features on your face (nose/eyecolour)
  10. What people say about you behind your back
  11. Accidentally sleeping in
  12. Insults shouted at you from strangers
  13. What you eat immediately before bed
  14. One sleepless night
  15. Drinking too much every now and then (if you’re of age!)
  16. If he’ll text you back
  17. That you ate birthday cake even though you started a diet today
  18. Thinking someone waved at you but they actually waved at the person behind you
  19. That your housemate ate a tiny amount of your food
  20. That you’re eating tuna and it smells bad
  21. What you look like in other peoples instagrams and snapchat photos
  22. Small pimple breakouts
  23. Cellulite
  24. Drinking too much caffeine
  25. Losing your virginity
  26. Being photographed wearing the same outfit twice
  27. Things that haven’t happened yet
  28. Letting boys see you without makeup
  29. Accidentally forgetting to reply to someone
  30. Having freckles
  31. Having the TV volume on an even number
  32. A hair out of place on your head
  33. Asking stupid questions – if you think it’s valid then go for it!
  34. Eating the last cookie – WHAT ELSE IS IT THERE FOR?!
  35. Letting your plants die – sad but its not the end of the world
  36. Your final high school exams – just do your best don’t stress
  37. If boys think you’re ‘hot’ or ‘not’
  38. Forgetting to hand something in on the due date at school
  39. Having clean makeup brushes
  40. What your pee sounds like from other cubicles
  41.  Forgetting to fake tan before your go out with friends
  42. Spilling spaghetti bolognese on your shirt
  43.  Forgetting to brush your teeth before you go to bed (once in a blue moon)
  44.  Having a spotless room 24/7
  45.  When people don’t wish you happy birthday on social media
  46.  Spending a bit more than usual to treat yourself to a new dress/shirt/make-up item.
  47.  If your colleagues like you
  48.  Accidentally calling someone the wrong name
  49.  Tripping over in public
  50.  Forgetting to shave your legs when you go to do leg-showing physical exercise

Hope this inspired you guys to not sweat the small stuff! I KNOW my life is 10 x less stressful and more fun since I decided to actively stop worrying about these things.

Jenna xx

Published by

Jenna Rose

A 23 year old Aussie girl who loves to talk, write, learn and share pretty much anything and everything.

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