Something To Think About

Does anyone else always seem to get around to watching things like a year after people tell you to? I just watched the 2016 documentary-style series on ABC iView called ‘You Can’t Ask That.’ and I’m SO disappointed that I hadn’t sooner (although at least now it gives me something to for binge-viewing). Each episode takes a new group of ‘misunderstood, marginalised’ groups of Australians and gives them a set of anonymously submitted questions to answer out loud, in front of a camera. The editing shows a level of grace and respect to the talent – yet every piece keeps you smiling. It’s just incredible.

I always like to tell people to live their life to the full, whilst striving to reach their full potential. But the last 29 minutes of viewing gave me a new perspective. The particular reason I began this blog post, spawned from my reactions to the ‘terminally ill’ episode. The episode follows five individuals who’d been diagnosed with terminal diseases including various cancers, dementia and a brain tumour. This episode hit me harder than the others.  I cried, a lot. I can’t put my finger on the emotion was that made me cry so much, because ‘sad’ just doesn’t fit the way I felt. When you’re told you have 2, 3, 4, or even 10 years to live – when you get that end date, that life expiry – your priorities have to change. And then I started thinking, why do I live my life like I don’t have an end date? Because I do. We all do.

I don’t know. Is this making any sense?

I feel like maybe I need to strike a happier medium. Take things a little less seriously sometimes, not stress myself out over the little things. I find I actually perform much better when I’m relaxed. When I know that things are not as serious as i’ve made them out to be in my head – I shine.

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Jenna Rose

A 23 year old Aussie girl who loves to talk, write, learn and share pretty much anything and everything.

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