Kat Von D – Creme Concealer Review

I’ve been scraping out the bottom of my ‘Covergirl: Ready Set Gorgeous’ concealer for so long, AND i’ve been meaning to take a visit to Sephora which is literally a five minute walk from my house. So yesterday morning, I put two and two together and thought, why not buy myself a really good concealer from Sephora?! Treat yo’self, right?

I did some research online and was tossing up between the ‘Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer,‘ the ‘Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer,‘ the ‘BECCA Creme concealer‘ and of course, the ‘Kat Von D Lock-it Creme Concealer.‘ Three guesses what I bought! [see-title if you still dont know]

The Tarte concealer, despite the raving reviews, didn’t really sit right on my skin, It was a little shinier and oilier than I was hoping. The Sephora I went to didn’t have the BECCA concealer in stock but at $50+ a pop, it seemed a little excessive (seeing as i’m a daily make-up wearer). And for SOME reason, I can’t explain why, I thought the Make Up For Ever one just looked cheap and seemed overpriced – I feel a little guilty for saying that.

ANYWAY so heres the concealer I purchased…


It’s just perfect. It’s creamy, thick and matte, and blends so flawlessly into my skin. It doesn’t crease in the heat and lasts until you choose to take your make-up off!

10/10 recommend. Was $37 AUD at Sephora.




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