Why I Make Lists


I’m a self-confessed list-making junkie! I just love lists, to-do lists, goals lists, shopping lists, I can’t actually believe I’m publicly admitting this but on Saturday night I made a list of all the New South Wales Government Ministers. [in self-defence I am a journalist living and working in a new city]. But anyway – I. love. lists. I think it stemmed from my childhood. Growing up, I would always find lists on the kitchen bench that my Mum had written. To this day she still writes a shopping list every week (and forgets to bring it to the shops with her!).

So in list-form -here’s 5 reasons why lists are so awesome… 

  1. They turn your thoughts to hard copy –

    There are so many times in a day when something pops into my head and I think  ‘Oh I must buy *insert item here*‘ or maybe I remember, ‘Oh I must call and cancel that gym membership I haven’t used in four months‘. Whatever it is, it’s often a fleeting thought that I may not get the pleasure of thinking again for a while – so I write it down.

  2. They make sure you haven’t forgotten anything

    We’ve ALL done it – when you go to the shops to buy milk and come back with onions, frozen peas and a Snickers. When I have my list with me then I can check-back to ensure I actually DID remember the milk (to be fair I probably still got the Snickers though).

  3. They provide you with a purpose when you’re stuck for things to do –

    This pretty much just means they keep me productive. Sometimes I just completely forget all the things I have to do and will convince myself I am bored… then I turn to a trusty-list and realise I actually have 6-million things to do! Similarly it enables you to prioritise what to do first, seeing everything in one position can help you recognise what’s most important.

  4. They keep you on track to your goals

    I think it is so important to always have goals. I know I sound a little like a life-coach but I truly believe it. Weekly goals, monthly goals and yearly goals. It keeps you in check, keeps you accountable and makes sure you’re always moving forward. You may not always reach them in time, but you’d be surprised, if you set them realistically you’re definitely more likely to get close!

  5. Its seriously satisfying ticking things off your list –

    Okay now I really DO sound like a junkie. But honestly, it’s like I get a rush of endorphins when I tick off the last thing from a list. Completing a list is something to tick off a list if you ask me!!

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Jenna Rose

A 23 year old Aussie girl who loves to talk, write, learn and share pretty much anything and everything.

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