Bedroom Decorating with a Budget

The first stage [one of three] of Sydney bedroom decoration and organisation!

My colour scheme is blush pink, light grey and rose gold after I was inspired by some stunning and impossibly perfect bedrooms on Pinterest. I however, have to do it on the budget of a graduate journalist; which in my opinion makes it that much more of an exciting challenge. I can’t wait for my first days off this week when I finally get the time and freedom to explore the city properly and tick off some more things from my ‘to buy’ list. A trip to IKEA and the local garden centre are also very much on-the-cards!

When I am finished I will do a full post/video of the prices and places-of-purchase for each of my most-loved items… but for now – a short vlog!

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…and be sure to check out my bedroom pins!

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Jenna Rose

Welcome to my site. I'm a 23 year old journalist from Australia, pretty much posting things I learn, love, eat and get inspired by - oh and some vlogs too! Thanks for reading and/or watching!

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