Cafe Review: Fiorentina

I LIED! Okay well not deliberately. But, the brunch I blogged from Halo Espresso – yes the one I called my ‘mandatory final brunch‘ turned out to be my ‘mandatory penultimate brunch.’ But it’s not all bad… it also means I got to experience, eat and review another awesome brunch-spot for you to read about!

My housemate Shaan had been telling me about his weekly brunches at Fiorentina, pretty much since we moved into our North Perth apartment six months ago. It’s not like I was never interested in going, I just never really got around to it. But boy-oh-boy do I regret that. IMG_9990Fiorentina is located on North Perth’s leafy, quaint and quirky hub, Angove Street. The well-loved patisserie is most commonly known around Perth for being one of the few makers of traditional and hand-made, Italian pastries, biscotti and torta’s. When Fiorentina first opened in 1974, it was originally based in Northbridge but in 1996 it moved to the traditional Italian suburbs of North Perth.

Fiorentina sports the perfect menu offering up all the classics (for a good ol’ hangover feed) but also puts forward some different ingredients and exotic flavours for those feeling adventurous. Now Shaan absolutely swears by this Eggs Benedict [with bacon] ordering it on a weekly basis without fail. I decided to take a fresher, [seemingly] healthier option and order the house-made granola – not a common decision for me but countless ‘leaving’ dinners and drinks left me feeling pretty unhealthy indeed. IMG_9993

Both dishes were incredible, just so delicious. Although after tasting Shaan’s I probably did have a little food envy, both were to-die-for. Being an Italian patisserie the coffees came with free biscotti; and the coffee was of course very well-made (but as i’ve said before, to me a coffee’s a coffee). Although I’m writing this post from my bed in Sydney, NSW, i’ll certainly make a trip back there when I’m visiting Perth.

Fiorentina is an absolute yes from me! Menu Online

Watch Shaan and I go to Fiorentina in my Vlog

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Location: 44 Angove Street North Perth,  WA, 6006

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