Cafe Review: Halo Espresso


For my mandatory final brunch in Perth, I had decided on South Perth’s much-loved and hefty-portioned Gusto Food. However, not even thinking to look up the opening hours, arrived at the corner of Coode and Angelo Streets to find it, chairs-up, blinds down and doors well and truly, closed. Luckily, just two doors down sits Halo Espresso. An equally delicious (and much more charitable) option… let me explain.


As outlined in the opening graphic, Halo Espresso call themselves a ‘social enterprise.’ With 100% of the profits going to the work of Initiate Australia, a charity that invests in locally driven education and business initiatives, it really is a feel-good dining choice. They serve breakfast and lunch and a few take-away options too. There are a number of items outlined on the Menu as part of an ‘All Day Breakfast’ selection which, from a girl who loves her breakfast food, is always a bonus!

Halo Espresso

Having walked past Halo Espresso before and experienced a little food envy staring at an almost-eaten plate of food, I was equally excited to be heading here for my last brunch. The staff were super friendly from the get-go, taking our drink orders immediately, and the food soon after. I got The Eggs Atlantis ($18) which was poached eggs, smoked salmon and spinach with hollandaise all piled on white ciabatta. It was delicious!


My friend got the ‘Mexican Spiced Scrambled Eggs’ which is avocado, tomato and onion salsa, black beans and corn chips ($18) [added chorizo for $2]. I tried some of this – it really is damn spicy! Now, despite being a ‘lover’ of coffee, I will actually drink almost anything without complaining – BUT for the self-proclaimed coffee-snobs of the world, I’d say the coffee was also spot-on!

If you get a morning off anytime soon, or it looks like you’ll be passing through the South Perth area, I’d certainly recommend choosing Halo Espresso.

…You know it’s a good meal when you really don’t want to take your final bite!

(Menu online)

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