Desk Inspiration – New Room

So I found a place to live in Sydney! Hallelujah! 

Of course, me being me, with a new room comes a whole new raft of decorating inspiration. So I’ve been ‘pinteresting’ away for about 48 hours straight and have come up with a list of things that I need/want to keep my desk area looking organised and stylistically fabulous. I’m planning to stick to black, metallics, whites, soft pinks and other neutrals. I want to base the decor around things I already own and love. My new Typo planner is black and gold, my to-do-list is marble-patterned, my day-to-day notebook is black, my pens are silver and gold and my MacBook is space grey. I would love to embrace the fresh and crisp white look that so many Pinterest designs exude, but as my new room comes furnished with dark black-brown coloured bed-frame, wardrobe and bed-side tables, i’ll have to work with what i’m given!


  • A stand light – In gold or black.
  • A Harry Potter themed mug for my morning coffee – I want to get just one mug that I adore. Firstly because this will keep me motivated to wash it every day and not get myself into an embarrassing rut of empty coffee mugs in my room. And secondly because I want to try out this ‘minimalism’ thing and be a little more ‘quality’ over ‘quantity.’
  • An easy-to-look-after (but real) plant – My desk will sit in front of a window so it is the perfect location for sunlight to shine in on a real plant. I also like the fact that plants are a symbol of life and growth and I think they’re something that I want to be surrounded by more.
  • A Pen holder
  • A beautiful smelling candle – Vanilla caramel or coconut scented. Glasshouse and Woodwick really are the only two brands to pick when you’re looking at mass-produced candle varieties. But if you can get yourself a locally poured soy candle, you’ve really hit the jackpot.
  • One or two inexpensive pieces of framed art – A pastel water colour, inspirational piece or sketchy piece. Something that fits with the colour scheme but also makes me happy and calm.


I’ve also found some DIY projects i’ll post which i’d like to do also – just waiting until I get to Sydney! (my life has to be packed in just two and a half suitcases first!)

If you missed the link up the top, here’s my pinterest!


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