How to begin a PRODUCTIVE DAY

Although it is generally much more, I like to get at least one productive thing done every single day. I have never been one of those people that can literally lay in bed for an entire day watching a TV series (sorry to all the Netflix-nuts!) I love writing lists, ticking things off and always moving forward. With my move to Sydney getting ever-so-close I am currently inundated with things to pack, things to sell, memberships to cancel, medicals to book… the list goes on! So I thought i’d share the way that I start off my productive days.

My new Typo diary
  1. Have a shower – Wash last night down the drain, its a new day! There’s actually health benefits to showering in the morning too… bet you didn’t know that! Studies have shown a warm shower followed by a couple of minutes cold at the end can stimulate the lymphatic system and get you feeling energised for the day ahead. The morning shower can promote creativity and bring you into the present moment.
  2. Put a nice-but-natural face of makeup on –  A little like clothing, having a casual but professional make-up look everyday allows you to be flexible with your plans, whilst being ready to see anyone you may unexpectedly run into throughout the day. People have often criticised me wearing make-up every single day; I don’t really see how it affects them. Since I was a young girl, my mum always wore make-up every day, it seemed an obvious habit for me to develop. I don’t wear full dark eyes everyday nor do I lather on layers of foundation, eye-liners or fake eyelashes. I just like a small layer so that I feel ‘together’ and so when I walk past reflective surfaces I feel fresh, confident and attractive! But each to their own really.
  3. Choose a comfortable yet stylish outfit – You don’t wanna be stuck in your Dad’s old shirt and your ex-boyfriends track-pants when you realise you’ve got to quickly pop into work or grab an afternoon coffee with a colleague (not a good look) – Also I like to believe you are what you wear! If you dress for success, successful you will be!
  4. Check your diary – Recently I bought the 17/18 journal from Typo! I already had a planner but I couldn’t resist starting a freshie (so sue me!). This checkpoint is to make sure you haven’t forgotten any important appointments.
  5. Make a list of things to do – You should always be making sure you have a general and ongoing list of things to do, but make one specific to TODAY.
  6. Number these things from most-important to least-important – This means that even if you don’t get around to the last couple, you’ve got the most pressing things done and dusted.
  7. Have a filling and healthy breakfast – This one goes without saying really, if you want to be able to actually make it through your day, you gotta fill yourself with the good-oil! #foodisfuel #girlsgottaeat
  8. Make your bed – This is one i’ve only recently got into, but it really is incredibly satisfying; and even more-so at the completion of your productive day when you get to hop into the tightly-pulled, crisp covers.
  9. Decide the order you will do the things on your list (as despite the order-of-importance numbers, travel-times, availability or opening hours of things may mean one thing MUST be done before the rest)
  10. GO, GO, GO… and smile! – Seriously, stop scrolling through Facebook, watching that YouTube video, or talking to your Mum/sister/housemate/dad/best friend and just leave the house and go-get-’em. Be confident, positive and methodical, and don’t forget to smile at strangers and laugh at yourself!


Don’t take life too seriously,

Love from Jenna!


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Jenna Rose

A 23 year old Aussie girl who loves to talk, write, learn and share pretty much anything and everything.

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