How To: Make the most of your day off

In celebration of my new YouTube Channel and my new Nikon Coolpix A900 I vlogged my entire Sunday and have JUST finished editing and uploading: Take a look!

Today was the first day I found myself completely free of work in about two weeks! Instead of lazing around on the couch, snuggling up in bed or even doing chores, I decided to wholly utilise every second of the day in a really positive way! I figured, my chores are better off done on days when I’m grumpy, tired and overworked (why not be exponentially p**sed-off right?) So I harnessed all the positive energy of my freedom time and made the most of every single minute!

6 Ways: To make the most of your day off:

  1. Walk around a local lake or beside the coast – Picturesque walks are just phenomenal (providing the weather is ok). Seriously, you get all the endorphins without the excessive sweating and heart palpitations of running (or is that just me haha!)
  2. See a friend – Give that buddy a call that you haven’t seen in ages – see if she’s free. It really is the perfect time to see friends. You have nowhere you need to be, no external stresses and nothing on your mind. You can just enjoy one another’s company to the fullest actually being able to tune in to every word (without half thinking about the fact that you need to pickup your dry-cleaning, buy toilet paper and hang the washing out all before work at 4pm)
  3. Eat out – Go on! Don’t be a tight-ass! Spend a little money and enjoy a meal that you really love and will actually have time to sit and enjoy! I think this is why I’ve never really understood the draw of McDonalds as a ‘quick-fix’ – why would you eat oily, salt-ridden fatty food as a quick meal? What a waste of calories.
  4. Lay in a Park – Just lay down on the grass, feel the sun warm you up, forcing you to squint your eyes; take your shoes off and feel the grass between your toes (I guess again, providing the weather is okay). Now I’m no naturist, and in all honesty, don’t even really like the outdoors, but doing this really does make you feel so alive.
  5. Bake Something- Now this one certainly doesn’t depend on the weather. Rain, hail or shine, you can always bake. I love baking, its so therapeutic to me. The process of following recipes, getting creative with flavours, decoration and photography really excites me (and as long as it’s gluten free the family isn’t complaining!). Get off your iPad, shut down your Netflix and pre-heat that oven, everyone wins!
  6. See your family – Depending on your relationship with your family members this one may or may not appeal to you. I however am very close with my parents and revel in the days that I can just drive over to my Mum’s and just mess around with my younger sister or talk to my Mum about boys, work and reality TV. It really is something I’m going to dearly miss when I move to Sydney in July (hopefully not forever!)




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