10: Habits I Envy In People

Don’t fear, this is not a self deprecating post about “ooh I wish I was as pretty as her… or as skinny… or had as nice skin, hair teeth or nails (okay maybe a little about nails).” But no, this is a post about those tiny things I see ingrained into a select-few people’s day-to-day life. Those things that… maybe if someone were to offer me a million dollars I probably could change. But the thing is that… seeing as that will never happen… I probably will stay exactly the same.

So here it is: 10 habits people have that I envy (and some trivial yet frustrated opinions)

  1. People who untie and retie their shoelaces every time they take their shoes on and off – Seriously how do you have the time and patience to pick the knots, loosen the shoes and tie a nice bow, I’m lucky if I even manage to successfully my heel into the back of them.
  2. People who clean their make-up brushes regularly – and keep them in those little elastic brush-holder bags in perfect order.
  3. People who can finish eating a delicious meal when they feel they are ‘full’ – it’s just wasteful though really…
  4. People who have a skin-care routine every night before they go to bed.
  5. People who file and buff their nails – particularly those who have a nail ‘kit’
  6. People who make their bed every day – some people say this one comes with age… I’m not so sure.
  7. People who always wear matching socks – (so they are not mortified when, on work experience at the WA Supreme Court they are asked to remove their heels to walk through the metal detector, and are caught-out by several on-looking professional journalists, wearing one black sockette and one thick white Nike sock.)
  8. People who re-hang their clothes while shopping, after trying them on in the change-rooms – Sorry retail workers, I may just be your arch-nemesis.
  9. People who moisturise their entire body regularly – particularly those who use an assortment of beautiful scented body butters… oh let me be you please.
  10. People who can keep hold of all the hair-ties (or bobby-pins) that came in the pack of 100.


Published by

Jenna Rose

A 23 year old Aussie girl who loves to talk, write, learn and share pretty much anything and everything.

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