Ways you can get over the past and focus on the future

With my big interstate move becoming ever-closer I’ve noticed myself getting pretty bogged down in some petty things lately. My stress levels have rocketed and i’ve pretty much played out every possible situation in my head that could happen when I move to Sydney… I’m at the point where even if I walk into my new workplace and everyone’s dressed in country and western clothing and greet me with a Mexican wave, I probably wouldn’t even be phased. Anyway, my brains current tightly-wound-wiring has put me into a slight state of neurosis so i’ve decided to do a little self-help post.

The goal? To get my mindset back-on-track to the bright and prosperous future I have always believed in for myself.

So here it is: 4 ways you can get over the past and focus on the future

  • Get rid of any negative people

This has been a process i’ve been undergoing for a while now and is a process that seems to be taking shape as I get older. I have always had a lot of friends; something that recently hasn’t been so true. But thats ok, i’ve learned that if people want to be in your life they will be, and if people cause you stress or anxiety… just let it go.

  • Focus on yourself and your goals

My current goal is to go to Sydney and really work on my skills as a journalist. I want to improve my speed and my confidence on-air and develop my writing and reporting-skills to the point where they become second nature.

  • Find five inspirational quotes and pin them up in your bedroom

I’m a real sucker for a quote…

“Anyone who has ever made anything of importance was disciplined.”

“Optimism is the one quality more associated with success and happiness than any other.”

“Do it with passion, or not at all.” 

“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or objects.” 

“Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.”

  • Write down three good things that have come out of your past.

  1. I got a job helping out in the Nova 93.7 newsroom. This job, and particularly the breakfast newsreader I work under, has taught me so much about both writing and reading radio news. I feel much more confident in writing for commercial radio and I have so much self belief and assurance that I will make it in the industry.
  2. I learned to live independently at a very young age. I think people often take for granted or overlook the independence I was forced to have at such a tumultuous time in my life. It hasn’t been easy, and often having less money, or more chores/responsibility than my peers has been quite frustrating to me. But I have learned to juggle work, cleaning, cooking and budgeting and I believe these are great skills that will help me in my future.
  3. My last relationship taught me that I can be loved for just being my complete and whole self. I think its fair to say, when girls are not yet entirely confident or comfortable with who they are, they will put on a facade for men. I probably (definitely) did this at the start of my last relationship. But as time went on, I became increasingly ok with showing my true self, and you know what? My now-ex-boyfriend only loved me more. I am so proud of the woman that I have become and stand so tall and confident now, sure that I will find someone who supports, loves and appreciates me for who I am (and not the ‘cool’ girl I thought I should be!)

So there it is, it’s not exactly an extensive list but I do think its four things that you/I can always come back to when you feel like you’re losing sight of what you want. And hey, who doesn’t love a cheesy inspirational quote!?

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Jenna Rose

A 23 year old Aussie girl who loves to talk, write, learn and share pretty much anything and everything.

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