A Lush-ious Lip Service

Here I am again…  with another product I absolutely swear by!

web_lip_serviceChanging temperatures as the seasons tick over really confuse my lips. In the summertime when I’m constantly going from boiling heat to freezing air-conditioners they do not adapt well. That horrible feeling where every time you lick them even by accident they just enter this overdrive where they become as parched as the Sahara Desert’s even drier sibling. To be honest,  keeping my lips soft and smooth has always been a bit of a problem for me. I don’t wear lipsticks as they generally start to crack and many lip-balms just seem to further dry out my lips in the long-term. But… Lush’s Lip Service changed all of this for the better.

Lush’s Lip Service is the only lip balm i’ve ever had that truly heals my lips. It moisturises, softens and has a natural citrusy scent. It contains a blend of mandarin and tangerine oil, and with the addition of shea and cocoa butter has a beautiful creamy smooth texture. Its quite a thick lip balm so it lasts for a long period of time and you don’t feel like you go through the whole thing in a day (definitely been a culprit of this). At $13 its a little more pricey than your regular $3 drug-store balms, but with all natural and fair-trade ingredients (GO LUSH!), it definitely feels worth it! Another lush-ious product for the collection!

NB: I keep mine in the cup-holder in my car and like to put it on at the traffic lights or just before I head to work/dinner/to see friends.

Check it out on their website!

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