Being In Your 20s

It was during a discussion with a girl a few years older than me who worked at the same mexican fast food restaurant as I did; I was 19. I think we were talking about boys… or sex, two common topics for bored hospitality workers. She told me that the older she gets, the sexier and more confident she feels. The less she cares about what others think of her appearance and the less she compares herself to ‘hotter’ girls. I couldn’t believe it. But what? I thought to myself, I’m at the height of my attractiveness? No longer a fresh 18-year-old… I was ‘older’ now, ‘more mature.’

Well, little did I know…

What I DO know is that at 23 I feel sexier and more confident with my body and looks than I ever have in my time on earth. My dreams are clearer and I have the courage to go after them and the wisdom to know they’re achievable. I have the confidence to take risks and the experience to be able to take on mammoth tasks on my own (but hey, having friends never hurt anyone!)

Making this realisation only makes me more excited for the future (except maybe 30 I’m still working my head around that one) I know my 20s are going to continue to be incredible, despite their inevitable ups and downs. I am at peace with who I am but can acknowledge I have a lot of self discovery to do. I want to continue learning new things every day and stay away from issues surrounding boys, social status or friendship groups. I’ve learned if people want to be in your life they will be – and you just gotta do YOU.

This quote has dictated many of my decisions in the past year with the inclusion of breaking up with my boyfriend and taking a full-time job in New South Wales beginning this July. I’m not running away, nor am I unhappy here in Western Australia. But your 20s are your selfish years:


So before I get tied down with mortgages, children and commitments beyond my control – I’m gonna give it all my best f**king shot.

Published by

Jenna Rose

A 23 year old Aussie girl who loves to talk, write, learn and share pretty much anything and everything.

One thought on “Being In Your 20s

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