Back to Black(smith)

So recently I did a post on my new favourite Perth cafe Blacksmith! Believe it or not i’ve already been back! Part of me really did regret not getting that hummus toast that I decided against! This time I went on a Sunday – a little hungover I must admit. It was packed! Every table was full, families, couples and friends all sitting around enjoying their weekends. I must admit it was a little loud for me, too many children (and my head was pretty fragile). Because of the playground and a kids room out the back its a hub for young trendy families.

I ordered the hummus toast ($16)

Once again it came out in good time, especially for the busy morning. Honestly, it was delicious, and extremely filling (almost couldn’t finish it but I can’t leave good food unfinished)


NB: I must say, although it was delicious, if I’m not feeling very adventurous when I go back again – i’ll probably stick with the omelette!

See my other post (and the omelette and the breakfast pan!) here

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