It’s the new Black(smith)

I wasn’t sure any newcomer would ever top my Perth brunch favourites – Northbridge legend Sayers Sister and Leederville’s growing sensation Pixel Coffee. However, my brunch destination today may have done JUST that!


Blacksmith is a fairly new joint (June 2016) popping up next to Highgates newest – Rockerfeller (in place of the old ‘Ace Pizza’). After linking each other a post of a beautiful piece of sourdough piled high with homemade hummus, spiced chickpeas and herbs on Perth’s brunch-bible Instagram @breakfastinperth; my fellow breakfast-obsessed best friend Caitlin and I decided to give it a crack.

Even from the outside this place looks great. It’s a free-standing block that faces onto Beaufort Street painted a bright and un-marked white, with wood and copper details. The furniture combines light brown timber with dark brown iron and the fit-out feels very industrial indeed. Aged copper watering cans hang from the roof outside juxtaposed with fresh plants growing from inside them.

Inside Blacksmith is spacious (really spacious) You feel just far enough away from other tables to have a private conversation, but just close enough to take a sneaky and (hopefully) incognito look at other people’s meals before deciding your order! Blacksmith has a full-kitchen (always a tell-tale sign the food’s gonna kill it!) and a very long coffee-bar lines the left hand side along with large brand spankin’ new espresso machine.

Our Choices (wasn’t easy)

‘Omelette’ ($17) – chorizo, goats cheese, cherry tomato, chives


Goats cheese is a divisive flavour but I think its incredible, its sort of creamy and sour but has a salty ‘feta-like’ element too! The chorizo was chopped into small cubes and small pieces of green bell-pepper were found throughout the omelette, which freshened up the heavier flavours. Now the bread. Yes the bread. The crunchy white in-house-made sourdough lightly buttered. It stayed crispy under the omelette and cut easily with a butter knife – true perfection. Don’t you hate it when your sourdough looks the perfect crisp but it just snaps and flies off your plate or cuts your mouth and ruins the meal… such a depressing experience. Anyway i’m losing track… this dish really is just W-O-W.

‘Blacksmith Pan’ ($19) – slow cooked beans, chorizo, ricotta, coddled eggs, toast


The MENU is available on their website for those who don’t like surprises!

NB: Walking in I definitely thought I’d order the hummus plate but after some stalking I thought it potentially would be just too much hummus (is that blasphemy I’m not sure?)

Both of us demolished our meals and proceeded to repeat how much we loved our dishes around five separate times to one another. We also got a skinny cappuccino each (quality coffee too but I’m not a coffee snob) and after splitting the bill a $22 breakfast was a bargain for the level of satisfaction and bloody emotional joy I got from the whole experience.

Contrary to the words of the great Simon Cowell – It’s a yes from me!

NB: There’s a kids play area out the very back making it highly family friendly (we sat inside though cos I’m 23 and not ready for that life ha ha!)

Blacksmith Info

Phone (08) 6113 8684

Address 460 Beaufort Street Highgate WA 6003

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