Calling My Pale Friends

Every Christmas my Mum loves to buy me things that either alter my appearance or help with personal hygiene. I get fake tans, perfumes moisturisers, hair vouchers, hell she even bought me a magnifying mirror (as if seeing a pimple in a normal mirror wasn’t bad enough!). But I love my darling mother and honestly some of the stuff she’s got me I now SWEAR by.

EXHIBIT A: Nutrimetics Luxe Bronze gradual tanner. 


Luxe Bronze is a cream tanning lotion that goes on relatively clear and improves and develops over the next 48 hours. You can build it up over time or just apply once and it’s always streak free, natural and actually smells great!

At $32 it’s not exactly the cheapest tanning product – but it lasts ages and I think its TOTALLY worth it!


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Jenna Rose

A 23 year old Aussie girl who loves to talk, write, learn and share pretty much anything and everything.

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