What’s a blog if you don’t know the author?

My name’s Jenna. Want to know more?


I’m a big sharer, you know what I’m an over-sharer. I always have been. I’ve lived my life getting those ‘oh my god what did she just say?’ looks from people and darting eyes that say nothing else except ‘W-T-F?’ But it’s done me alright so far so I decided to over-share more than an over-sharer possibly can and publicly blog away my thoughts, purchases, adventures and decisions and hey? maybe it will help sort some things out?

I love to chat, love to share my stories, get advice from others, give advice to others and just generally creating bonds with the people I meet. I suppose it’s a comfortability thing? Like shoes? I’ve got to be able to break people in a little bit before I can enjoy their company.

I’m a 23 year old Aussie living in Western Australia. I am a journalism student and a part-time quiz-host and I also do stacks of promotional work for a national radio station. This site is a collection of my thoughts, clothing decisions, dining destinations, travels, and pretty much anything else I may learn or do along the way. It’s just me, laid out, completely bare (but of course… clothed!)

Published by

Jenna Rose

A 23 year old from Western Australia. My blog is a place where I share things I have learned, things I love, and the fun things I'm doing along the way!

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