Gardens by the Bay

Think Narnia… no. Think Alice in Wonderland… no. GOT IT! Think… Avatar! Gardens by the Bay really is a microcosm of the Avatar world. Yes that movie with the blue alien-like creatures with pointy ears and mysteriously thick upper-noses.


WIKIPEDIA SAYS: “Gardens by the Bay is part of a strategy by the Singapore government to transform Singapore from a “Garden City” to a “City in a Garden”. The stated aim is to raise the quality of life by enhancing greenery and flora in the city.”

Gardens by the Bay is over 100 hectares… so I guess it’s not surprising but I didn’t get around to seeing it all. Oh and after my extensive shopping endeavours I wasn’t exactly rolling in cash and to visit all the paid areas it’s gonna set you back around $50 Singapore dollars. Super Tree Grove and the Cloud Forest Conservatory are the two parts that I can really fill you in on.

Super Tree Grove – 

You may have seen Super Tree Grove in a David Attenborough special (what a lord). You may watch my video below but you will NEVER understand the magic of this place until you see it with your own eyes. I’ve never really been an environm17976247_10210773769113116_811858502_o.jpgental ‘activist’ as such – but I can appreicate when something that seems like a big tourism stunt or regime actually can sustain itself. These 50 metre monster ‘tree’s ‘ are solar powered beauties that harvest the sun’s energy to put on a breathtaking light performance at 7:45pm every night.

The free show exhibits an artistic light display to the sounds of classical music!

Here’s some informative and unbelievable facts about the Super Trees so I don’t just give you an encyclopedia of info!

The Cloud Forest Conservatory

One of two large dome conservatories at Gardens by the Bay (the other being the Flower Dome – the worlds largest greenhouse) is called the Cloud Forest. This glass dome houses the world’s largest man-made waterfall as well as tens of thousands of flowers and plants grown in a climate-controlled environment. Now this place brought to life all of my sci-fi fantasies. The juxtaposition of the architecturally intricate and progressive greenhouse dome sat right next to the organic mountain of flowers, ferns and wildlife is a sight you will be lucky to see more than once in a lifetime.

17968606_10210773769193118_351462651_o (1).jpg

Taking an elevator up the centre of the mountain to level 6 you enter the ‘hidden garden’. Here you’ll find rare flowers, a still glistening pond and hey… quite a few people taking selfies. From this penthouse level you take the skywalk through the clouds (quite literally there are clouds) and circle back down the mountain periodically looking out through mossy holes to the steel and glass-clad grid of the greenhouse dome.


10/10 – would recommend. 

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