Baked Bear-illiant!

Having a lazy day today watching my friends Snapchats who are partying it up at Coachella in the Indio desert right now. Just reminiscing on my trip to the USA last year and came across this bloody BEAUTY of a picture.


From The Baked Bear – On a hot summer day in San Francisco, this really was the perfect treat. The Baked Bear is a custom ice-cream sandwich shop based in the USA. The choices are endless – you get to pick your cookie flavour (you can have two different ones!) then comes your ice-cream  flavour, and the topping that they roll on the outside… Oh! and if you’re feeling super-sweet you can get a sauce on top!

The model-creation in the picture above is the one I personally devoured – simple but fantastic I tell you. I got ‘snicker-doodle’ flavoured cookies, with cookies and cream ice-cream, rolled in sprinkles! The best part? -the biscuits are perfectly chewy so that the ice-cream stays inside the cookies and doesn’t spill out the edges!

Oh wait you thought that was the best part? No, no, no. Believe it or not (believe it) you have the option to get BROWNIE or DONUT instead of cookie and you can even DOUBLE STACK if you think you can fit it all in! Since I was there they’ve also launched the option to get your ice-cream in a brioche (like a sweetened enriched bread) bun… an option I definitely would have taken up.

Their signature flavour is the Bear Batter which is a bright blue ice-cream made with cake batter, fudge, and brownie bits – I can die happy now.


Check out their Instagram or Website seriously you can see why they have almost 32k followers!

NB: I apologise for the excessive use of exclamation points in this post, ice-cream is my favourite sweet food (and if you were wondering… cheese is my favourite savoury)

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