Sometimes life just IS a ‘Picnic’


Similar to stepping through a rabbit-hole, falling through a trap-door or opening a wardrobe walking into Picnic is like entering a magical, enchanted forest. In fact my Mum said it reminded her of Enid Blighton’s – The Folk of the Faraway Tree – a novel I grew up listening to, reading (and watching!). Looking around you almost expect to see fairies and pixies fluttering around the elegant pink and green flowers and leaves effortlessly falling from the ceiling. It’s an Instagrammer‘s dream!

But let’s not forget – we came here to eat! Picnic is Singapore’s first ‘Garden Themed Food Hall’ at Wisma Atria. With 10+ food trucks, a coffee station, a bar, juice and ice-cream outlets you’re bound to find something absolutely delicious.


Aptly named, this 10,000 square foot space is laden with wooden picnic tables, small chairs and benches. We had no trouble finding a place to sit (7:15pm on Good Friday, 2017).

17901744_10210746871120683_198207810_o (1)

I must be honest, we actually came here two nights in a row – and the first night I STUPIDLY didn’t bring my phone OR camera. But we had no qualms in returning for a second visit. The first night I ordered from the ‘Pizza and Pasta’ truck – I ordered a Seafood Pasta ($19) – this was awesome. Peppery, spicy and herby with a good amount of prawns and mussels – and perfectly portioned.

The second night however I chose wisely and using my knowledge (stalking other people’s plates) from the night before – I ordered the Pork Belly Bao ($15) Seriously this meal was total value for money.


Four soft white bao buns – filled with perfectly cooked and marinated pork belly, a thin slice of cucumber and a slice (leaf?) of lettuce – wow I’m confused about how to phrase that. But seriously this was delicious.

The Process: 

Basically how it works – first off, you line up and are greeted by the front-of-house staff member. She/he will ask your surname and wether your group is to be on ONE bill or on SEPARATE bills (possibly awkward – or great – for a first date!). You are given a small black buzzer and then you are free to find yourself a seat in the picnic garden. We of course instead immediately made a beeline to go and check out the food options.

Food is browsed and ordered using a touch-screen (there is a separate one for each food truck). To confirm the order you place your buzzer onto a black box underneath the touch screen and another machine prints out a docket (the bill is created internally inside your buzzer as you take it to different trucks/food stations) . You are then free to take a seat under the twinkling lights and floral canopies – waiting for that buzzer to give you a bloody fright telling you to collect your food from the place you ordered from.

When it’s all finished and you’re incredibly satisfied (and taken sufficient video, Instagram and Snapchat footage) you exit past four self-service touch stations and by placing your black buzzer onto a small space an itemised bill will appear on the screen. The machines take cash OR card.


Picnic is a MUST for anyone visiting Singapore!


435 Orchard Road
#03-15-49 Wisma Atria
Singapore 238877


~ 10:30am-10:00pm



~ $15-$20 per head


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