Jenna Jameson here, With a Curtin-News update

There’s something about wearing borderline lingerie outfits that really turns me on.

Not turns me on in a push-me-on-the-bed-and-bite-my-neck kinda way, but in a this-is-as-close-as-you’re-ever-gonna-get, seedy old man drinking his second pint at Fibber McGees at 11am on a Tuesday.

I like the attention – so sue me!

Last Friday I bought a new top. A navy camisole with a lace trim sitting over where my would-be cleavage would parade itself. The almost-racerback fastens with six small white buttons and is completely sheer fashioning the same lace featured on the chest. I wore this beauty; clubbing on Saturday, to my Mum’s on Sunday and for a lunch-date with a girlfriend on Monday. Truly a top for all occasions right?


7:20am – Rise from bed

7:22am – Boil kettle

7:25am – Do make-up

7:33am – Begin what-to-wear contemplation

7:36am – Dress myself in the sisterhood of the travelling navy cami, pack back and leave.

At a highly-punctual 8am I arrived to my ‘Presentation for Broadcast’ tutorial. Strutting in looking lingerie-chic, I fired some classic gags at the tutor and class mentally scoffing at their average blazer and casual-button-up looks.

As it turns out, when you’re green-screened into a virtual news room where only the top of your torso is in the frame your top-of-all-trades actually turns you into a low class, amateur porn-star news presenter.


Oh, and I mean amateur in terms of news presenting – (not the category you sicko!)


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Jenna Rose

A 23 year old Aussie girl who loves to talk, write, learn and share pretty much anything and everything.

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