I. Am. Content.

I can’t think of a better word to describe how I’ve been feeling lately…

A state of peaceful happiness…

I’m having fun, just not in the same way as I did in Perth.

I have friends, just not the same type as I do in Perth.

I get to spend countless hours focussing on myself, my goals and my well-being. It’s even inspired me to take up a personal vegan challenge (I’ve had to put it off for an extra day because I accidentally ate chicken and corn soup forgetting that it was chicken… god knows how…. I think it might be the fact that soup just doesn’t seem like meat.) Anyway, that properly begins tomorrow, and I plan to do a small series of videos to go along with it.

I get to wander the streets of a new and bustling city, there’s something about being alone in crowds that I just relish.

I get to challenge myself every day (well five days per week) in my new job. I love personal challenges, and I love having to strive to improve on a daily basis. I don’t mind not being the best, but I always like to know that it’s achievable for me to be eventually.

I have the confidence to try out anything that I feel like doing… I think this particularly applies to the YouTube videos I’ve been making. I have no fear of judgement… which is something I never thought i’d be able to say. In fact, I just 100% do not care what people think. I enjoy making my videos and think that it’s a fun hobby, form of creative expression and personal growth. And hey… maybe it will help me accomplish my long-term goals?

Oh and there’s a pub at the end of my street…

Content really is the best word. 



What The Health: My Response

Okay, so I just finished watching Kip Andersen’s 2017 Documentary What The Health on Netflix.

In short the film is essentially a convoluted push into ‘veganism.’ It did however, reveal very interesting specifics on how meat, dairy and egg companies are funnelling millions of dollars of funding into US run health charities. Oh and how could I forget, it’s also filled with – you guessed it – highly disturbing shots of cow throats being slashed, fly-ridden pigs and balding half-plucked chickens – what a combo!

Despite already having knowledge of many of the facts and ideas presented, and being well-aware of the corrupt and cyclical nature of the US food industry, something about it made me actually consider the vegan diet.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a changed women with hairy arm-pits wearing a hemp sack-dress JUST yet, but I am intrigued. Anderson managed to prove the personal health benefits of eating plant-based, as well as the benefits to the environment and wider society in such a way that wasn’t overly pushy or wanky and certainly had my brain ticking over. Being the ever judicious skeptic that I am, I would never jump into a new way-of-life without further research and first-hand testing…

And so, I think this calls for an experiment.

I am going to eat solely plant-based for 14 days from tomorrow. 

  • No meat
  • No dairy
  • No Eggs

… I’ll keep you posted, I might even video it.

Photography #004

Say hello to my beautiful new plant. I love it so much and I had the most relaxing and reflective morning at the Annandale Garden Centre in Sydney. I put a very warm filter on this photo after remembering and being inspired by this photo I took back in Perth. I bought three plants, the other two I will get nice photos of in time,


Why I Make Lists


I’m a self-confessed list-making junkie! I just love lists, to-do lists, goals lists, shopping lists, I can’t actually believe I’m publicly admitting this but on Saturday night I made a list of all the New South Wales Government Ministers. [in self-defence I am a journalist living and working in a new city]. But anyway – I. love. lists. I think it stemmed from my childhood. Growing up, I would always find lists on the kitchen bench that my Mum had written. To this day she still writes a shopping list every week (and forgets to bring it to the shops with her!).

So in list-form -here’s 5 reasons why lists are so awesome… 

  1. They turn your thoughts to hard copy –

    There are so many times in a day when something pops into my head and I think  ‘Oh I must buy *insert item here*‘ or maybe I remember, ‘Oh I must call and cancel that gym membership I haven’t used in four months‘. Whatever it is, it’s often a fleeting thought that I may not get the pleasure of thinking again for a while – so I write it down.

  2. They make sure you haven’t forgotten anything

    We’ve ALL done it – when you go to the shops to buy milk and come back with onions, frozen peas and a Snickers. When I have my list with me then I can check-back to ensure I actually DID remember the milk (to be fair I probably still got the Snickers though).

  3. They provide you with a purpose when you’re stuck for things to do –

    This pretty much just means they keep me productive. Sometimes I just completely forget all the things I have to do and will convince myself I am bored… then I turn to a trusty-list and realise I actually have 6-million things to do! Similarly it enables you to prioritise what to do first, seeing everything in one position can help you recognise what’s most important.

  4. They keep you on track to your goals

    I think it is so important to always have goals. I know I sound a little like a life-coach but I truly believe it. Weekly goals, monthly goals and yearly goals. It keeps you in check, keeps you accountable and makes sure you’re always moving forward. You may not always reach them in time, but you’d be surprised, if you set them realistically you’re definitely more likely to get close!

  5. Its seriously satisfying ticking things off your list –

    Okay now I really DO sound like a junkie. But honestly, it’s like I get a rush of endorphins when I tick off the last thing from a list. Completing a list is something to tick off a list if you ask me!!

Perfect Plants for the Bedroom

We’re talking decorating again! It’s the word of the month on my blog isn’t it? Well, that or Sydney. But anyway, given my first ‘weekend’ (Wednesdays and Thursdays) begins in less than 48 hours, I thought i’d start planning some fun activities to make the most of it. I’ve been thinking about my bedroom design and I think it really need some greenery, so I’ve spent two hours researching the best (and actually good-looking) plants to have in your bedroom. I’ve put together six of my favourite discoveries and amalgamated some of my new-learned facts – some of them have even been proven to help you get a better nights sleep! Have a read…

Six Perfect Bedroom Plants

The Snake Plant 


For anyone who hasn’t taken care of many plants before (ahem, me) or just seems to never find themselves at home (yep, me again), this plant seems made-to-fit. The Snake Plant requires very little sunlight, and very little water. It only really needs watering when you feel the soil is very dry – it’s a bloody sturdy bugger! Fun-fact this plant is actually often referred to as the ‘Mother-in-Law’s Tongue,’ Oh and NASA research has shown the plant actually improves air-quality by removing toxins such a formaldehyde and benzene from your home.

[image cred]

String of Pearls 

edef7dc8fe21efaa0a5fe35cb88993e0All I can say about the String of Pearls is that if the garden centre I go to on Wednesday doesn’t have it, I’m going to be extremely devastated. I think this plant is just aesthetically incredible. The little green spheres that fall from the roots are so graceful, delicate and perfect. Being from the succulent family, The String of Pearls requires very little water to stay alive. However, it does need at least four hours of direct sunlight each day – so put it near a window!

[image cred]


Aloe Vera

803b551169dadcd19319432b755ef57e.jpgRemember when you laid on the beach for eight hours and reassured your friends twelve times you ‘aren’t getting burnt‘? Well this plant helped soothe your blisters when you (inevitably) returned home red-raw. The Aloe Vera plant is from the succulent family meaning it needs very little watering. To tell if the Aloe Vera plant need watering you just feel to leaves to see if they feel a little damp or quite dry. Despite being very hard to kill, if you want your Aloe Vera to grow bigger it does need to be placed in direct sunlight. The Aloe Vera plant thrives on a dry soil so you should use cactus potting mix soil to plant it. 

[image cred]

Split-leaf Philodendron –

Ah what a jungle-esque beauty. I doubt i’ll actually buy this one for my bedroom, because of it’s sheer size, but I just couldn’t leave it out. Other names for this plant include the Windowleaf Plant, Ceriman, and Mexican Breadfruit Plant… Yes bread-fruit. The Split-leaf Philodendron is a fast-growing and low maintenance plant. But be careful the leaves can grow up to three-feet-long and two-feet-wide – so put it in a large, open space. Also – it’s poisonous so keep it away from pets or children. 

[image cred]


The Golden Pothos


Apparently one of the most popular of all house plants – and I can see why! Golden Pothos should be grown in a position that offers bright yet indirect light and good ventilation. But, these plants enjoy range of environments. They do well in bright indirect light as well as low light. The type of soil also has little affect on their growth. And like many of the others in my list, the Golden Pothos sports air-purifying qualities. Fingers-crossed I can get my hands on this one!

[image cred]



The Chinese Evergreen 


Don’t think for a second because this species is last in the list that it’s the worst. I absolutely adore the Chinese Evergreen and it’s huge two-or-three-toned, waxy leaves. The Chinese Evergreen is so sturdy that is actually can gather dust and requires you to wipe down it’s leaves every now and then! Make sure to pot it in a well-draining soil (ie. a mix of potting soil and sand) This plant has been dubbed ‘the complete opposite of your partner’ oh sorry, I actually meant to say ‘very easy to live with’. All jokes aside though, this plant is beautiful and believe it or not also has those beneficial air-purifying properties.


[image cred]

So off to the Garden Centre I go on Wednesday – to buy myself one or two new little babies!

I’m feeling SO inspired – hope you are too!




Photography #003

Bit of an oldie today but I’m feeling quite nostalgic (being home on a Saturday night on the other side of the country can do that to you!). I took this photo from Singapore’s Faber Peak as my Mum, Sister and I waited in an impossibly long-line to catch the cable car to Sentosa Island. I might also add that this shot exhibits the most gorgeous weather of the day; in Singapore-style it absolutely bucketed down the entire time we were actually on Sentosa.


Photo taken from Faber Island, Singapore 12/04/2017